February 27, 2010

A big win and a retraction

The Sioux pulled a great win out last night, beating CC in overtime last night behind a great goal by lawnmisower tosser Matt Frattin.

I was at the game and on the end where the Sioux scored all three of their goals. The first one was a beautiful wrist shot. I couldn't see the 2nd goal, but that 3rd one, well, it was just pretty. Fratts on a breakaway, looked calm, cool, and comfortable.

The win solidified UND in 5th place, and more importantly, made 4th place reachable.

On another topic, about a week ago, I mentioned that Corbin Knight's hit on Mike Connolly was questionable. Not dirty, but questionable. Well, the league has announced that they will use this hit as an example of CLEAN hits where unfortunate things happen. Check out Schloss's blog for further analysis on that. But basically, I will admit that I was wrong. Knight's hit was clean. Unfortunate that a player got injured, but clean.

I wonder if Runningwiththedogs will print a retraction and apology. :-p

That's it.

February 25, 2010

Team USA reaches the semi finals!

The Swiss goalie stood on his head the majority of the game. The US at times looked very frustrated by the containment of the Swiss team. But at the end of the day, Team USA came out on top behind a great effort from former Fighting Sioux player Zach Parise.

I'm watching this team and I'm starting to believe. Tomorrow they take on a very good team from Finland. We'll see if the US can reach the gold-medal game, where they might be taking on Canada again.

February 24, 2010

Team USA vs. Switzerland

12:00 pm today Pacific Time...the US takes on Switzerland today in the elimination round of the Olympics.

Go USA!!!

February 22, 2010

Knight with a questionable hit

With all the hate that this blog and others brought on Aaron Marvin for his disgusting bush-league hit that sidelined Chay Genoway for the season thus far, it's only fair that I discuss one of our own dishing it out as well.

Corban Knight delivered a punishing check to Mike Connolly over the weekend which knocked him out of the game. Sources say he has a black eye and a concussion. Take a look at the hit below:

While I don't think Knight had intent to injure, as I still feel Marvin did when he was gunning for Chay, the bottom line is Knight hit Connolly in the head and therefore needs to be reprimanded. With concussions being in the spotlight and brain trauma being so important right now, the least the league could do is review this hit and decide what is appropriate. I feel at least a game suspension out of it would be fair. While I can't tell for sure if Knight hit him with an elbow, I can tell that he hit Connolly in the head and there just isn't room for that in college hockey...or any level of hockey, for that matter.

And on another note, Aaron Marvin gooned it up again in Madison, taking out Blake Geoffrion at mid-ice with a blatant elbow to the facemask. Check it out:

Geoffrion left the game, but according to Coach Eaves, he should be fine. Wisconsin used it as a rallying point, crushing the goons from SCSU 7-4. Brad Shepherd and Todd Anderson explained to Eaves that the reason they didn't call a penalty was because Marvin made contact with the facemask and not the head. Um, pretty sure the face is part of your head there homeslice. Seriously? Is this where we're at in society?

It'll be interesting to see what action the league takes on either of these hits...if it takes any...*rolls eyes*

February 21, 2010

Picking your corner

Do I start off with the drubbing that the Sioux put on the Bulldogs this weekend? Do I mention how Marvin took out a Badger player with another questionable hit? Do I dare say that Eids is playing well? Or how the Sioux have vaulted in the pairwise to 7th? Or...

No, I think I'll talk about one specific thing this morning. It was Hextall's shot on Friday night that put the Sioux up 2-0. Check it out below:

When I was a forward, I would always try to score goals the way Hextall did right there...by putting the puck in a place that the goalie couldn't save it. That place was over the shoulders. It's one advantage to the shooter if a goalie playing the butterfly style. As I said, I targeted this area many times. Unfortunately, I'm not nearly as good as Hextall.

The Sioux forwards were doing this at will over the weekend, picking their corners and scoring many times over. Hopefully this trend continues.

February 19, 2010

McLeod is Pathetic

Bruce McLeod actually issued a statement yesterday about the suspension of Mario Lamoureux. I found an article by Schloss. You can read it here.

I am really disgusted by all this. Apparently a player no longer can say anything in any context about anything because it will be reviewed by the WCHA and the player will be promptly suspended.

What a joke.

February 18, 2010


From the Schloss blog, it appears the WCHA is going to suspend baby baby Lammy for Friday night's game against Duluth. Why this is, I'm assuming, is because of his role in a "fight" against Aaron Marvin. Marvin has not been suspended by the WCHA. UND is appealing this and should hear back today, but my guess is Mario will be out of the lineup on Friday.

Ridiculous, isn't it?

February 17, 2010

Team USA takes care of business

The US Team got things started on the right foot yesterday, beating Switzerland 3-1 in their opening game. Behind a solid effort from goalie Ryan Miller and a beautiful end to end goal by David Backes, the US team looked good, if not spectacular. The 3rd period was dicey as the US seemed to quit pressuring the Swiss team.

I think this team does have a lot of potential; will we see them medal? That still might be a long shot.

February 14, 2010

Wow, what a beatdown

Raise your hand if you saw this coming.

Yeah, that's what I figured.

After a scoreless first period, the Sioux opened it up in the second, putting up 1/2 a dozen goals on rookie of the year candidate Mike Lee and ensuring a victory. The Sioux put two more on the board with Frattin finally scoring his first goals of the season and wound up winning 8-1, silencing the Husky crowd and separating themselves from the bottom of the WCHA.

The biggest story in this game could be the 1st period, though. With about 6 minutes left, baby baby Lammy and Marvin decided to drop the gloves and fight. However, the linesmen decided that wasn't going to happen and promptly broke it up. Each player was given a 4 minute penalty + a 10 minute misconduct. Now, why is this important? Marvin is one of SCSU's biggest PK players. He's out there quite a bit. With him tied up for 14 minutes, UND put up 2 goals on SCSU and were well on their way to the rout.

This win, aside from the fact that UND is not out of home ice for the playoffs, was huge in terms of a morale booster. How many times have the Sioux been "right there" this season? Very few of their losses have they been outplayed and blown out. The majority of them have been one goal defeats. They are always on the cusp of winning, but can't seem to finish. A lopsided victory is clearly what the doctor ordered.

Up next, red-hot Minnesota-Duluth, fresh off a bye week. This next weekend will define the Sioux, and define the season.

February 12, 2010


You can read the Sioux's reaction to the Genoway incident in yesterday's Herald here. Basically, the Sioux are going to forgive, but not forget. They are more concerned with getting points this weekend, as they should be.

The St. Cloud Times covered the story as well. It seems to me that St. Cloud is drawing more attention to the incident then North Dakota is. Although I do appreciate the condolences from Bob Motzko and Aaron Marvin as well. I'm still going to say that Marvin had intent to injure, but I also believe he regrets what he did.

February 9, 2010

Was Marvin's hit dirty?

Yes, it was. And unfortunately, most SCSU fans are unwilling to admit this. If you visit USCHO, the weekly thread of this series has exploded. SCSU fans are calling for Sioux fans to get over it and most are saying that it was not a dirty hit. Sioux fans are calling out Marvin for destroying their best player.

As a self-proclaimed great hockey mind, I have spent a lot of time breaking this hit down. I was a physical player myself when I played, so I know a lot about checking and the physical side of hockey.

Without further ado, check out the following:

Wait for the slow motion. At 8 seconds, you can clearly see Marvin is not skating. He is gliding. A player at this caliber should not stop moving their feet. Although I can't prove it, I am very confident that Marvin is no longer looking at the puck and is only thinking about how to hit Chay. At 10 seconds, you can definitely tell Marvin is going for Chay and not the puck. The puck is at Chay's stick but Marvin is not looking for the puck. Also look where his stick is. It's not on the ice. He's holding it with two hands, clearly preparing to use it as a weapon. One second later, the puck has come free and is to Marvin's left. Yet he has no interest in the puck. He only has one thing on his mind: bring down Chay. Look at how he has now wound up. He is preparing to inflict maximum force on Chay. At 14 seconds, you can see the impact. Marvin has hit Chay in the head and driven him into seamless glass. He has used his larger size to inflict maximum pain on Chay. He has used his forearms, elbows, and stick to injure him. He has pulled a ridiculous goon move that in all honesty, reminds me of Todd Bertuzzi and Steve Moore.

Actually, this is much worse than Bertuzzi. Genoway is way more valuable to the Sioux then Moore was to the Avalanche. Also, Genoway didn't do anything to deserve this hit. Moore in the previous week took out Naslund with an elbow, albeit unintentionally. Yet Bertuzzi was suspended for much longer than Marvin was. Why was Marvin not suspended for the season? Why did he not have to issue an apology?

This hit was disgusting. Marvin delivered a horrible hit that should at the very least have garnered a yearlong suspension. You know if a Sioux player would have done this, that would have been the consequences.