June 15, 2009

The NCAA Sucks

I was browsing my buddy Joe's blog and read this story. Apparently it's not a new story, but still new enough to me that it really ground my gears.

Basically, the NCAA doesn't care that a coach lets ineligible players that have crappy ACT scores play, but if a player is honest and comes forth with an honest mistake, he is banned and stoned and crucified. Like Jesus, minus the stoning and rising from the dead.

I hate the NCAA. You should too.

June 13, 2009

UNO gets Dean Blais...is the WCHA next?

I got a call from the USCHO WCHA Correspondent yesterday saying that Dean Blais had been named the head coach of University of Nebraska-Omaha. This didn't come as a huge surprise, but certainly makes things interesting. When checking up on my morning reading, I headed over to Goons World and found this post.

I certainly hope for Bemidji's sake that this is true.