August 19, 2009

Matt Frattin kicked off the Sioux team

Matt Frattin got in trouble one too many times this offseason, I guess. First there was the lawnmower incident with Joe Finley, then a DUI. UND decided to wash their hands of him once and for all and kicked him off the team.

The Schloss blog talks about it more. You can read it here.

Personally, I think this sends a message to Sioux players, both current and upcoming that if you fuck around, they will come down on you. I'm glad to see this. Now, the question is, how will this affect the Sioux next year?

August 11, 2009

CCHA votes down Alabama Huntsville

In a move that is shocking and surprising and to me, very very sad...the CCHA today voted down allowing Alabama-Huntsville into its league, thereby all but guarateeing the folding of that program. Why the CCHA wouldn't want to keep a 12 team league is beyond me, but supposedly "cost" and "economic structure" isn't jiving with the league.

Whatever, way to kill off a team there CCHA. Way to go. I've always hated Michigan; now I hope everyone else does as well.