January 22, 2011


Is there anything more to say then wow? I mean seriously. UND got absolutely smoked last night. They played like garbage. Probably the worst home loss in the Engelstad since my freshman year, where they got blanked by Mankato 6-0 and the boo birds came out. Last night, I hope the fans booed the team again. A loss like that, playing like they did, is simply unacceptable.

Like Goon, I'm not hitting the panic button yet. It's one loss. Sure it's a bad loss, but regardless of how much you lose by, it only goes into the books as a loss. Tonight allows the Sioux to regroup, come out strong, split the series, and basically recharge their batteries.

I do admire Hakstol for putting the blame on himself, because quite frankly, I agree with him. A loss like that starts with the coaching staff.

January 21, 2011

Friday Stuff

A few thoughts and pontifications for today.

I was reading the Denver Post today while enjoying a #14 from Jimmy Johns and there was an article about Jesse Martin on the front page of the sports. To see DU actually getting the front page of the sports section is a great accomplishment, considering this town is all about the Broncos and to a lesser extent what Carmello is up to in his daily trade talks.

Again, I'm blown away at how well Jesse has handled this incident. He's a good kid, and I truly do wish him the best in his recovery effort. You can read the article here.

Now onto the Sioux...

There's a little bit of hype surrounding this game as it's the first time Dean Blais returns to the Engelstad as an opposing coach of the Sioux. Dean led the Sioux to two NCAA championships and is certainly in the Sioux Hall of Fame. I've spoken with a couple Sioux fans about the reaction they think Dean will get when he is on the opposing bench tonight coaching UNO and the general consensus is he will be received warmly. Me personally, I'd do nothing more then razz him a little bit but I have no issues with Dean being on the other side of the benches.

That's about it for today. I won't be watching tonights game as I'll be attending DU/UAA, looking for UAA to steal one from Denver tonight.

January 16, 2011

A Gritty Win

Sometimes, the Sioux are able to put on a dazzling display of talent in their wins. Other times, they are feisty. And even more often, they grind it out, taking what the opponent gives them and taking advantage of it. That was the case last night.

The Sioux bounced back from a tough loss on Friday night, beating Minnesota 4-1, salvaging a split and ensuring they stay atop the WCHA standings.

After a fluky first period goal by Cretin-Derham Hall grad Mark Alt, Evan Trupp quickly ensured it would be the only lead the Gophers saw all night. Stealing the puck in the offensive zone, Trupp walked in with a clear shot at the net, beating Patterson and allowing the Sioux nation to breathe a collective sigh of relief. Another goal would follow after Minnesota decided to be dumb and got called for some penalties. A tic-tac-toe play from Frattin to Genoway to Malone gave the Sioux their 2nd goal of the night.

In the 3rd, a shot by Hextall deflected off of Corban Knight, hit the post, and bounced in, making it 3-1. Finally, some hard work by Danny Kristo gave the Sioux a 4-1 lead and capped off a good night for North Dakota.

Another interesting thing I noted was the penalties last night. The game seemed to be called fairly tight and most of the penalties were warranted and justified. What surprised me though was the ineptness of the Gophers powerplay, which went 0-6 on the night with just 6 shots. The Sioux seemed unafraid of the Gophers on special teams, which of course decided the game, as the Sioux scored 2 PP goals.

Last night, the Sioux did what they needed to do to win. It wasn't pretty or flashy, but they did it. Up next, they hope to get revenge on UNO, who is in a bit of a skid.

January 15, 2011

Time to reflect

Yes, the Sioux lost a close game to their closest and most hated rivals. No, it's not a huge deal. We all know Minnesota, even on down years, is still a decent team capable of putting up some points. The problem that I have with last nights game is not the fact the Sioux lost; the Sioux actually played a good game. I'm frustrated by the Gophers and their lack of class last night.

This video is already viral and discussion amongst college hockey fans is rampant. The discussion is whether or not this hit by Brad Malone on Kevin Wehrs was clean and furthermore, why after a big scrum, did North Dakota get a powerplay? Let's take a look.

At 9 seconds into the video, there's .9 seconds left on the clock. Wehrs has the puck and is looking to clear it. Malone eyes him up, looking to make a play on the body. At 10 seconds of the video, with .6 left, Malone throws a clean check on Wehrs, sending him into the boards. There's no malicious intent here, it's simply making a clean play on the body. A body check. Furthermore, the ref is standing right on top of the play and can easily make a call if necessary. But there is no call needed. Clean hit before the horn sounds, end of the period, go to the locker room.

Nope. Not for the Gophers. As soon as the period ends, Wehrs sat there on the ice looking just pissed that someone would dare hit him. At 14 seconds in, you can see a linesman skating towards Malone, I assume, to assure no one comes after him. At 15 seconds in, take a look to the left. You see Gregoire tangling with a Gopher who is clearly taking a run at Malone with intent to injure him. Turns out its resident dickweasel Cepis, who has a reputation of being a dirty player. Gregoire is protecting his teammate from this malicious player, and from there, it just grows into a melee.

Further of note, Wehrs was obviously shaken up by the play, right? Not so much. He got up and got right into the scrum. Hard to feel sorry for the guy when he wants to be out there picking fights. That's not going to garner much sympathy, son.

In the end, because of Cepis's stupid action, the Sioux got a well-deserved powerplay and capitalized on it. Perhaps Jacob Cepis has learned his lesson. I doubt it though, and although I don't wish many players ill harm, I can't wait for him to take an elbow to the back of the head tonight.

January 14, 2011


What more is there to say? The Gophers won, the Sioux lost.

Recap coming tomorrow.

January 12, 2011

Kangas is done with college

Gopher blogger and homer Roman Augustoviz has reported that Alex Kangas is having season ending surgery, thus ending his collegiate career, as he has played in too many games to be redshirted.

Kangas was considered a good goaltender by the Gopher nation and it's unfortunate that his career has to end this way.

January 11, 2011

Matt Frattin Highlight Video

This is circulating all over the place. But check it out. It's awesome.

Sioux/Gopher Week...here we go

Like the Bud Light commercials say...here we go!

Our beloved Sioux team is hot. There's no denying that. Aaron Dell has been spectacular in net, the forwards are firing on all cylinders right now, and the defense is doing a great job of taking it to the opponent in the defensive zone. Matt Frattin is leading the nation in goals scored and even with Gregoire injured, this team is showing no signs of slowing down. As a few people have alluded to already, if this is the 2nd half surge that is so typical under coach Hakstol, be very afraid.

On paper, this should be an easy sweep for the Sioux, who have had Minnesota's number as of late at the Engelstad. The last time these two teams met, it was in the playoffs for a spot at the Final Five. #4 vs. #7. The Sioux were up to the task, and although it took them 3 games to knock off Minnesota, they did it convincingly and eventually ended up Broadmoor champions.

Don't count the Gophers out though. They recently took 3/4 points from Duluth and showed in that series that they are capable of greatness. I think the Gophers are a slightly different team this year then in the past years. Coach Lucia has been plagued by health issues that have affected his ability to coach effectively. Early player departures have plagued this team, as well as this year dealing with a goalie situation that has been sadly inconsistent.

So is it possible for the Gophers to win this weekend against the Sioux? I think it is...but I'm not ready to make a prediction yet...stay tuned.

January 5, 2011

SCSU in Shambles

For a program that had preseason dreams of NCAA success, St. Cloud is heading the wrong way down a one way track, to borrow a line from Minneapolis band Soul Asylum.

One day after forward Chris Hepp announced he signed a pro contract with the ECHL, St. Cloud also announced Tony Mosey was dismissed from the team for violating team rules. For those who don't remember, Hepp has previously had issues with the law, causing destruction in St. Cloud to various vehicles. He also had a minor earlier in college.

This incident apparently involved something at the Florida Classic Tournament. I haven't been able to confirm what it was, but Goon is on the case and as soon as he finds out, I'll let you know.

Denver also lost William Wrenn to the WHL. I've never seen him play very much, so I can't blame him for making this move. Gwozdecky has a tendency to play favorites, so if you never get on his good side, you aren't going to get the time you deserve. This move, while not all that surprising, will not affect DU very much.

Goon also had a link to an article about the Sioux's first half success. What I find interesting is that we all as Sioux fans are so used to a 2nd half run...what happens if that doesn't happen this year and the team comes back down to earth? I'm just saying hypothetically...since really, I don't believe that will happen at all. The only thing hurting this team right now is that Gregoire is still out with no timetable to his return. Granted, Gregoire is probably the best overall player on this roster, but with guys like Genoway and Frattin playing well, I don't think the Sioux will miss a beat.

Looking at Robert Morris this weekend. Robert Morris used to be the laughing stock of college hockey. This year, they are a team to be taken seriously.

January 1, 2011

Happy New Year...much things to discuss

Happy 2011 to you all. We can only hope that it's better then 2010. A sour economy, a crappy job market, and our Sioux not hanging a National Championship banner...but we can look behind us now and move on.

In case you're wondering why I haven't blogged lately, I have dealt with computer issues and have left my computer off for the most part. I think I may have given it enough life though to allow me to put my thoughts together.

Let's first discuss the Hall of Fame game two nights ago against Minnesota-Duluth. The Sioux blanked the Bulldogs 5-0, spoiling the opening of Duluth's new arena, in what could best be described as an all around team effort. Pony netted two goals, while Frattin, Rowney, and Kristo also provided scoring. Aaron Dell got his 2nd shutout of the season, and the Sioux quite frankly made Minnesota-Duluth look weak and incompetent.

In other Minnesota-Duluth news, Dylan Olsen is leaving Minnesota-Duluth for the AHL. The rumor out of the Duluth camp is that he would have been academically ineligible to return the 2nd semester anyway, but regardless, this is a huge blow to the Bulldogs, who have been reeling in the past couple weeks.

The World Juniors are going quite well for Team USA, who are 4-0 and earned a bye into the semi-finals with a 2-1 victory over Switzerland. I thought Switzerland would provide the toughest challenge for Team USA, and our boys proved they were up to the task. In the World Juniors, CC suffered a blow when Jaden Schwartz fractured his ankle. Look for him to be out for up to 6 weeks.

Finally, in holiday play in the WCHA over the past couple nights, UNO got swept by Quinnipiac, which is very humbling for UNO. Sconni swept the Minutemen from UMass 5-1 and 4-2. CC lost 6-5 to Michigan, while Tech lost 5-3 to Michigan State. Last night, Denver scored 5 in the 3rd period to beat Northern Michigan 5-2, Minnesota lost in overtime to Union 3-2, and Bemidji State beat Ferris 3-2. More games coming tonight.

It's time to reflect on last year, and look forward to the new year.