April 20, 2011

Blood to return

Some good news for the program is that Ben Blood is returning for his senior season. In addition, Aaron Dell is coming back for his junior season. This is good. We need to hear from the likes of Gregoire, Hextall, and Kristo, but so far so good.

NCAA Still Has Sour Grapes

By now, I'm sure most of you have heard that the NCAA has decided to uphold it's 2007 ruling that the University is not allowed to host post-season games or wear any Fighting Sioux apparel in the post-season, regardless of the ruling of the State that said the Sioux name is here to stay.

The point I'm trying to make here is that the NCAA is fighting for everything it can get. In the statement sent to UND President Robert Kelley, the NCAA said it was upholding the 2007 agreement, which said it must receive support from two state tribes to keep the logo, or retire the logo and namesake by August 1st, 2010. Since neither has happened (at least in the NCAA's eyes, we all know the tribes support the nickname), the NCAA has decided to uphold the 2007 ruling.

Why is it the NCAA is still picking on the Sioux? They have done everything the NCAA has asked, and yet the NCAA is still after this team. I have heard nothing about them going after other programs with namesakes and logos, such as the Utah Utes, Florida State Seminoles, or Notre Dame Fighting Irish. Also, the NCAA, being extremely hypocritical, decided to sell merchandise at the Frozen Four with the Fighting Sioux logo all over it. I know, I was there. I bought some of it.

The State Supreme Court has ruled in favor of the Sioux nickname and logo and said the NCAA can't impose its will on the program. Yet the NCAA refuses to give up, at least for now. It will be interesting to see how this plays out in the future.

April 13, 2011


Nearly a week after the Sioux's season was ended by an extremely hot Michigan goaltender, I can finally talk about it and discuss what we as fans have learned.

It's very unfortunate what happened to this group of seniors and to this team. The heavy favorites entering the tournament, they didn't believe their own hype. The Sioux just wanted to take care of business and win the National Championship. As Hakstol said, losing never occurred to these guys as an option.

Why, then, did this team come up short when it seemed all the pieces were in place?

It's a weighted question.

The very simple answer is that it's an extremely difficult thing to win. Only 1 of 58 teams at the end of the season will claim the National Championship. At the beginning of any season, you can realistically pinpoint anywhere from 10-20 teams that will most likely be there at the end of the season. Certain teams like BC, North Dakota, Wisconsin, Michigan, BU, and Denver will always be in line to be there. Others, like UNH, Minnesota, Michigan State, Maine, CC, and Miami you can never count out. But every now and then, a Minnesota-Duluth comes along and runs the table, or an RIT steps up in a big way. Or Bemidji. The game is unpredictable, and as I've said for years now,
the parity in college hockey is closing.

Why then, could this amazing Sioux team, the best in recent memory and one of the great Sioux teams of all time, not close the deal, when the best teams in the past couple years (BC, BU, BC) were able to get it done?

I don't know.

There's no answer. None. 40 shots. Allowing only 20 shots, 11 of which were from the neutral zone. Banging the rebounds, playing tight defense. And yet, they fell short. You know what? Sometimes, there is no answer.

In the meantime, there's been some good news. Brad Malone signed with the Avs and I will look for him next year to make an impact with a young Avalanche team that is young and enjoys the college guys. Chay Genoway got picked up by the Minnesota Wild. The young guys coming in are very strong and should make their impacts felt right away.

And there's been some bad news. Apparently the Coyotes are interested in Hextall. I hope it's only interest and nothing more.

I know we've said this for way too long...but...

Wait 'til next year.

April 8, 2011

April 6, 2011

Waiting for Tomorrow

I'm awake in my old bedroom in my parents house, just contemplating what tomorrow will bring. I've read all the articles that various people have linked around, read newspapers about the Frozen Four, discussed it with local friends, and have just thought.

One thing I'm taking away from all this is the Michigan team/players/fans seem to be sandbagging to the nth degree. All I hear about lately is how Michigan will have to play "perfect" to beat North Dakota and that North Dakota is so good, so talented. Red Berenson himself said that Michigan is an "overwhelming underdog" in this game.

I'm sick of hearing Michigan sandbag. I'm sure that we'll all have to hear that little kid's Herb Brooks speech like 600 times in between now and the game, about how he's so sick of hearing how good North Dakota is. It's almost like Michigan is trying to bait North Dakota into believing it's the better team to lure them into a false sense of security.

The other side of the coin is the Sioux. The Sioux players, the coaches, the fans, no one is giving Michigan too much credit; yet everyone is giving them respect. I think that's how it should be. Believe you can win without conceding the game already to your opponent!

March 30, 2011

What a Ride it Has Been!

It's been a great season for our team. The achievements they have pulled off thus far have been nothing short of amazing. Capturing the MacNaughton outright for the 2nd time in 3 years. Winning the Broadmoor in back-to-back years. Frattin winning league MVP. Storming through the Midwest Regional, beating a scrappy RPI team and a DU team that was good enough to make the Frozen Four. This Sioux team, led by a deep senior class, has been downright scary.

There was no "2nd half surge" this year. There was no fighting to just stay above .500 for the 1st half of the season. Aside from a sweep at the hand of the Maine Black Bears, this team was never swept. Brad Malone overcame the emotion of an unfortunate hit that disabled DU player Jesse Martin. This team swept Wisconsin at the Kohl Center. Took 3 points against a surging St. Cloud State team. Drubbed Michigan Tech in convincing fashion. Went into the X facing both CC and DU, dispatching both. Kristo, injured for most of the year, scored in his first game back and immediately made his presence felt. Trupp carried the puck on his stick for a good 120 feet down the ice! This team is special. In a year where the WCHA seemed to be down, this Sioux team demonstrated the dominance that we are all used to showing the other conferences.

I've had the pleasure of watching a lot of good Sioux teams in my day, and I can safely say that this is the best team I have seen. Trupp has blossomed into the player we always expected he would be. Chay has returned with a furor, and Frattin has put himself in prime position to win the Hobey Baker Award.

All the gushing aside of this wonderful team, we Sioux fans know that this team isn't going to the Frozen Four just happy to be there. This team is on a mission. This team has goals. The focus of this team has been unreal. Scary. They didn't touch the MacNaughton or Broadmoor when they were presented with these. They didn't put on championship hats for winning the Final Five or winning the Midwest Regional. Hell, they didn't even celebrate winning the Midwest Regional. Aside from patting Dell on the head and lining up for the handshake, it was business as usual for this team.

They have two more games to win. Two more games.

March 28, 2011


Ok, the Sioux are off to the Frozen Four. Yay!

I'm going to do a nice blog about the season later today. I just still need to assemble my thoughts.