August 11, 2009

CCHA votes down Alabama Huntsville

In a move that is shocking and surprising and to me, very very sad...the CCHA today voted down allowing Alabama-Huntsville into its league, thereby all but guarateeing the folding of that program. Why the CCHA wouldn't want to keep a 12 team league is beyond me, but supposedly "cost" and "economic structure" isn't jiving with the league.

Whatever, way to kill off a team there CCHA. Way to go. I've always hated Michigan; now I hope everyone else does as well.


Anonymous said...

Since when does Michigan make the CCHA's decisions? It was a league vote and whether they got it wrong or not has nothing do do with Michigan.

Keep hatin' dude.

Brandon said...

I never once said Michigan is the reason for the vote. I said I hate Michigan. I've hated Michigan since I was a kid and I do so even more now. I'm sure my feelings aren't alone.

Anonymous said...

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Goon said...

Hey Brandon when I think of Michigan I just think of the last 2 to 3 times the Sioux have played them. I like the one in the REA where the Sioux kicked their ass. Nothing is more enjoyable than watching Red try to explain why his team lost to the Sioux again.