November 4, 2010

Thursday ramblings

Hi everyone.

First off, I was put through The Gauntlet last night. I had a very long day on Wednesday and was quite ornery, so I don't think Donna got to see my best side. Then again, I don't know if Donna thinks I have a good side to see. Regardless, go check it out and read the (sometimes) funny convo that took place last night.

Secondly, a few things to touch on for this coming weekend. Derek Forbort and Andrew MacWilliam are out with illness (I'm guessing mono; it's touched DU and Minnesota as well). Carter Rowney is hurt and will not play, with no timetable on his return. We should hear today about Brad Malone, whether he will be available this weekend or not. My guess is Malone will not be suited up this weekend, and possibly for two weekends. I hope this isn't the case, but the WCHA Wheel of Justice likes to thump its chest in situations like this...oh wait...only when it's a Sioux player.

Duluth is red-hot coming into this series, and there's no reason to think that the Sioux can shake their blues against this team. I hope I'm wrong.


USAFA Bulldog said...

UMD is hot, but I'm exactly the opposite. I'm expecting UMD to get swept. Keep in mind UMD hasn't played anyone decent yet.

UMD in Grand Forks is nothing short of absoutely terrible, regardless of how the teams are facing.

UMD in Grand Forks '98-'99 forward: 2-14-2. They've never won twice and only twice have gotten a split or better.

More stats at my latest blog entry:

Brandon said...

Definitely respect that, but this isn't the team lead by Frenchie that couldn't get a win in the Engelstad, or the team last year that decided to lay down towards the end of the year. this UMD team is different, I get the feeling. Regardless of how bad their record is against UND, you have to factor in UND is playing pretty poor hockey right now

USAFA Bulldog said...

Certainly "past performance does not guarantee future results" (I really hate myself for knowing that jargon).

We'll see. UMD gets a split or better and that could show how they'll do this season.

Goon said...

Brandon is sandbagging again.