April 20, 2011

Blood to return

Some good news for the program is that Ben Blood is returning for his senior season. In addition, Aaron Dell is coming back for his junior season. This is good. We need to hear from the likes of Gregoire, Hextall, and Kristo, but so far so good.

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Charlie said...

If you have the means, please think about making a donation to The Jack Jablonski Fund. Jack is the Benidle-St. Margaret's (Minnesota) high school player who was hit from behind and paralyzed wo weeeks ago.

For a link to Jack's Fund and for more information about Jack and the reverberations his injury is causing, please see http://www.hockeybias.com/hockey-news-past/Jack-Jablonksi-News-Summary.html

Both a former Benilde student and current Benilde student have each written songs in honor of Jack. They can be found here and also have links to The Jack jablonski Fund: