October 6, 2008

USCHO Ranks the Sioux #5 to start the Season

uscho.com has come out with their preseason poll, and finally someone gets it right: they ranked our beloved Sioux #5 preseason. Rankings 1-20 can be found here.

So...the rankings have definitely varied on our team this year. I'm not surprised, but at the same time, I can't figure out why the writers of the college hockey world are so high on teams like Denver or Boston University, while the Sioux are quite frankly getting dumped on by MOST polls and writers. I mean, I guess if the expectations are low and the Sioux exceed these (which they will) I will be able to tell everyone that I was right, they were wrong, blah blah blah.

Anyway, good win for the boys last night in a 6-2 victory over Manitoba. Duncan netted two and the freshman contributed nicely. Grigoire's goal was described as a "laser" by a buddy of mine.

Boston University on Friday in the Icebreaker tournament. Preview of the game coming in the next couple days.

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Goon said...

I was impressed with Gregiore and Dunc last night...