September 28, 2009

Called out by a DU blogger

It came to my attention that a DU blogger called out my last blog post. You can read it here.

What cracks me up about it is that the blogger, who I actually like and respect, thinks that the University cares about me. This blog has not affiliated in any way with the University of North Dakota, nor endorsed by the University of North Dakota. Yes, I am a Sioux fan, as are hundreds of thousands of other people. Fans sound off on message boards, blogs, and other public forums, and I am no different. I think Alanna Rizzo was wrong to call out Sioux fans in the type of arena where they had no recourse to defend or protect themselves. For all we know, Alanna blew the story way out of proportion. I've met her and quite frankly, she is not a friendly person.

To answer some of the comments on the DU blog, I find it funny that these readers are mad at me for unfairly ripping on Alanna, yet they slander me by calling me inbred or any other person in North Dakota an inbred. I'm not even from North Dakota! And I don't live there now. But I know a lot of people who are from there, who have lived there their whole lives and they are by no means inbred people.

It'll be interesting to see if the DU blogger calls down his fans that are referring to the people of North Dakota this way.


Puck Swami said...

While some of the stuff you wrote was true (and pretty funny, even coming from a DU fan), the "di-ty h--ker" part of it was over the line.

There are some names you simply can't call people in a public forum, even if she's not a nice person.

You are witty enough to skewer people without that level of invective...

Brandon said...

Swami, I know you don't know me that well, but that's pretty much my moniker for everyone...male, female, dog, invalid, rock, or Dirty.

Puck Swami said...

I just don't want to see you get in trouble. What you say about people on a public blog can get you in trouble - In some states, calling a woman a call girl on a blog is considered libelous (read the whole thing at the link below):

Puck Swami said...
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sweno said...

Brandon, not that your post wasnt funny as hell, and that i DO agree with it, haven't you been in trouble before for writing things on public forums about female reporter types??

Donald Dunlop said...

Blogger said,
"as are hundreds of thousands of other people."

Exaggerate much? The totality of College Hockey fans probably doesn't reach 1 million. On any given weekend there are probably less than 250,000 fans attending college hockey games (this assumes 10K at 25 games ... a ridiculously high assumption on my part). So to state that the Sioux have hundreds of thousands of fans is patently absurd.

It displays an overwhelmingly inflated sense of importance regarding the sleazy fucking whore of a program you support. There are barely hundreds of thousands of people in the entire nasty whoring state of North Dakota.

At best there are tens of thousands of dirty hooker Sioux fans.

I'm having an internal debate regarding who is the stupidest North Dakota blogger ... you or goon? What do you think? Is goon stupider than you? Or are you stupider than him? This post is giving you a leg up in the debate.

Brandon said...

wow Donald, you might want to turn your thong around. I didn't say Sioux hockey fans, I said Sioux fans. What this means is that 100,000+ people in the entire world support the it in sports or nickname alone. You need to learn how to read.

And if you hate my blog and Goon's blog, why do you read them? Is this like one of those really I love them but I'm going to say I hate them?

And yes, there are tons of dirty hooker Sioux fans. There are tons of dirty hooker fans everywhere. Men and women are both dirty hookers. If you knew me, you'd realize I use that term in a non-insulting matter.

Really, get a life, bozo.

Ketchup and Mustard said...

As for the whole "dirty hooker" thing, I was unaware that Alanna played rugby.

Donald Dunlop said...

This is (if memory serves) the 4th or 5th time I've visited this site. I don't think I'd characterize any of those visits as "reading" since the drivel I've seen here doesn't require any.

Two of those times I visited at your behest. The first time when you asked me to add a link on my blog to the tripe you spew here and I spurned that request by telling you this place was shit.

This (the last time) when I read your comment on DU's blog wondering why people didn't comment here instead of ripping you there.

The other times were probably accidents. The final reason "why" would be that stupidity makes me laugh.

Also, Unlike you, I prefer to wear my thong with the pouch in the front.

It's convenient for you to claim you meant hundreds of thousands of Sioux fans. But you didn't. You were exaggerating.

And if we get right down to it ... I'd doubt there are hundredS of thousands of Sioux fans of any kind. Abusing babies by putting racist logos on them and taking a picture doesn't make them a Sioux fan ... it makes them a victim.

Dirty said...

I'm just glad Donny doesn't think I'm the stupidest blogger. Is stupidest even a word? Shouldn't it be dumbest?

dead_rabbit said...

WOW! DD, haven't heard from you since your team's season was over, which coincidentally was about this time last year. Can't say I've missed you or your lunatic rants. (For full disclosure; Yes I did visit DD's blog several times last year. I thought I should come clean since DD does keep a log of who visited his site, when, and how many times. BTW, is that normal for all bloggers.)

Brandon said...

Donald, I don't care if you read my blog, since you're an insane psychopath who will probably shoot up the mental hospital you are in.

Dirty said...

Homer, would you like to present your rebuttal?

With Pleasure.

Tim said...

Be careful Brandon it was a little over the top. Probably better to ignore people like Donald duck too. Btw I think if you consider about 4000 people graduate from our fine institution annually it would only take 25 years to get to 100,000 Sioux fans. Donald duck might need to look it up but I think UND has been around long enough to produce that many fans. Also that completely disregards all the people who are just residents of greater ND and northwestern MN who like the Sioux enough to call themselves fans.

Goon said...

Donald you must be off your meds again or you're hurting for hits on your stupid blog. Wow, congrats on the press pass. Not! I think you're suffering from illusion of grandeur.