September 26, 2009

George Gwozdecky is a mean mean man

Sioux fans were thrown under the bus last night in a place where they really can't defend themselves. At Coors Field in Denver, CO. That's right. DU Pioneers coach George "Dasher Monkey" Gwozdecky, while pimping out the DU program and how wonderful it is and how awesome their 4 fans are decided to give dirty hooker reporter Alanna Rizzo a special shout out. If you remember correctly, this hooker had a bad experience in Grand Forks. Apparently fan bases are not allowed to make fun of the other team or laugh when the opposite coach is dancing like Michael Jackson or Patrick Swayze. (R.I.P. both of you)

I don't condone swearing at kids (most of the time) or telling a female reporter that she can't do her job (even though Alanna Rizzo sucks at her job and really a can of beer could do better), but really, Dancing Nancy? You have to be Alanna's special friend and make sure that everyone appreciates her? I don't think that's a problem, George. She's a fairly attractive woman, and I'm sure she gets Googled nearly as much as Erin Andrews (before her privates got plastered on the internet).

I tell you what. This wouldn't be an issue if Magness Arena would fill to capacity with Pios fans. Maybe if DU could draw some fans out to sing its retarded school song in the 3rd period, they would be able to talk about their own fan base. But instead, when Minnesota, Wisconsin, North Dakota, Michigan Tech, UAA, or Daloot come to town, 9/10 fans are cheering for someone not in a weird looking uniform. Sure, you have your loyals like Dubbie, CO14ers and Swami, but aside from that, it's a bunch of non-hockey fans in that dump.

And proof that George is a mean mean man? Check this picture out.


Ketchup and Mustard said...

I fail to see what Sioux fans treating reporters with disrespect has to do with the fact that a decent amount of other team's fans live in Denver and want to see their game. But then again, I didn't go to the University of Northwestern Minnesota so I must not be as intelligent as the Sioux fans.
By the way, when you yell Sioux at the end of the National Anthem you are embarrassing yourselves. I know it is tough to show class throughout an entire game but at least try to make it until the game starts.

Anonymous said...

If GG is a mean mean man, then you are a smart smart person. Not.

Anonymous said...

Hey I'm a DU student that watched that interview with Gwozdecky at the Rockies game. Pretty much the only thing he said about UND, which he never actually referred to by name, was when he complimented Alana for maintaining professionalism in road games at hostile arenas. So you can keep whining about Sioux fans being "thrown under the bus"...meanwhile I'm excited for a good series Nov. 20-21.

Anonymous said...

What did Gwoz even say about UND/Alana anyway?