January 18, 2010

What to say...

No sugar coating this one, Sioux fans. The Sioux got manhandled in Minnesota on Saturday night. Behind a strong performance from Alex Kangas and some good bounces, the Gophers made our beloved team look silly and drive back to Grand Forks with their tails between their legs.

Now I will admit that the Sioux still showed me something on Saturday night. Being down 5-1, you could expect the game to get very chippy and Sioux players to lose their cool. This didn't happen. And I don't want to hear how the hit on Cepis was cheap and unnecessary. Cepis is a showboating transfer. Yes, he has talent, but he celebrates every goal like he's never been there before and in my opinion, taunts the opposition. If you're going to be doing that, expect to pay the price. But the Sioux kept their composure. That impressed me a lot.

The time has come to call out Eidsness. I haven't been a fan of this kid since he took over for Walski last year. Eids will typically make the saves he's supposed to. However, he VERY rarely will make a save he's not supposed to. I think about some of the goalies before him, especially Lammy, and how he would make spectacular saves that were just unreal. Eids has none of those. You simply cannot count on him to keep the team in the game. I really hope this kid starts improving; otherwise Hak is going to have to look at other options.

Anyway, if I was Cornell, I'd dread playing the Sioux this weekend. Something tells me they are going to be playing with a bit of passion. As long as Eidsness doesn't screw them over.

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