January 27, 2010

What Would George Do?

So...Hextall is probably not going to play this weekend, which means who will step up to taunt Coach Gwozdecky?

As we remember last year, the Denver coach was whining over a non-call on the Sioux. This got him a bench penalty which enraged him further. Then he jumped onto the ice to leave.

This seems to happen every time the Sioux play the dirty scumbags of Denver. Denver is the cheapest team in the WCHA by far. Ever since Paukovich decided to try to end a players career, these two teams have hated each other. Here's what I hope happens this weekend: Chay throws peanut shells at the DU bench, which hit George in the head. This frustrates George and he asks for a penalty. Todd Anderson, knowing the history of Whiny McWhiny Pants, instead gives George a penalty. George flips out and does something like this:

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