January 5, 2011

SCSU in Shambles

For a program that had preseason dreams of NCAA success, St. Cloud is heading the wrong way down a one way track, to borrow a line from Minneapolis band Soul Asylum.

One day after forward Chris Hepp announced he signed a pro contract with the ECHL, St. Cloud also announced Tony Mosey was dismissed from the team for violating team rules. For those who don't remember, Hepp has previously had issues with the law, causing destruction in St. Cloud to various vehicles. He also had a minor earlier in college.

This incident apparently involved something at the Florida Classic Tournament. I haven't been able to confirm what it was, but Goon is on the case and as soon as he finds out, I'll let you know.

Denver also lost William Wrenn to the WHL. I've never seen him play very much, so I can't blame him for making this move. Gwozdecky has a tendency to play favorites, so if you never get on his good side, you aren't going to get the time you deserve. This move, while not all that surprising, will not affect DU very much.

Goon also had a link to an article about the Sioux's first half success. What I find interesting is that we all as Sioux fans are so used to a 2nd half run...what happens if that doesn't happen this year and the team comes back down to earth? I'm just saying hypothetically...since really, I don't believe that will happen at all. The only thing hurting this team right now is that Gregoire is still out with no timetable to his return. Granted, Gregoire is probably the best overall player on this roster, but with guys like Genoway and Frattin playing well, I don't think the Sioux will miss a beat.

Looking at Robert Morris this weekend. Robert Morris used to be the laughing stock of college hockey. This year, they are a team to be taken seriously.

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