January 21, 2011

Friday Stuff

A few thoughts and pontifications for today.

I was reading the Denver Post today while enjoying a #14 from Jimmy Johns and there was an article about Jesse Martin on the front page of the sports. To see DU actually getting the front page of the sports section is a great accomplishment, considering this town is all about the Broncos and to a lesser extent what Carmello is up to in his daily trade talks.

Again, I'm blown away at how well Jesse has handled this incident. He's a good kid, and I truly do wish him the best in his recovery effort. You can read the article here.

Now onto the Sioux...

There's a little bit of hype surrounding this game as it's the first time Dean Blais returns to the Engelstad as an opposing coach of the Sioux. Dean led the Sioux to two NCAA championships and is certainly in the Sioux Hall of Fame. I've spoken with a couple Sioux fans about the reaction they think Dean will get when he is on the opposing bench tonight coaching UNO and the general consensus is he will be received warmly. Me personally, I'd do nothing more then razz him a little bit but I have no issues with Dean being on the other side of the benches.

That's about it for today. I won't be watching tonights game as I'll be attending DU/UAA, looking for UAA to steal one from Denver tonight.

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Goon said...

I doubt that Sioux fans will boo Dean Blais, I can tell you that much, I also expect a rough series.