March 8, 2009

Season wrapped up...chewing on my pre-season picks

1-10 have finally been figured out. I'm sure the league was giddy last night that there was a tie, therefore avoiding the dreaded tiebreaker scenarios that everyone thinks are really complicated. Really, we need to have a bake-off or something. See which coach can make the best peach pie or something...

Regardless, here's where we stand at the end of the season:

1. UND
2. DU
3. Wisconsin
4. CC
5. Minnesota
6. St. Cloud
7. Minn-Duluth
8. Mankato
9. UAA
10. Tech

Here were my picks at the beginning of the season:

1. CC
2. Denver
3. UND
4. Mankato
5. Minnesota
6. St. Cloud
7. Wisconsin
8. Duluth
9. Tech
10. Anchorage

I guess 3/10 isn't terrible? What do you all think?


EsoxPirate said...

Sioux Yeah Yeah!

You will do better next time... But If you want to watch a brawl down here in The sprigns this weekend PM me on sioux sports...


Brandon said...

really appreciate the offer. I'm in CS on Friday night, but it's for work, I leave at 6 am the following morning

Goon said...

Don't worry Brandon I didn't do very well either. :)