March 29, 2009

.3 seconds....3

.3 seconds folks. .3. That's how much time was left on the clock when UNH scored the game tying goal. .3. Digest that for a second. .3.

In an ever-dramatic heartbreaking game, the Sioux's season ended yesterday at the hands of UNH. 6-5 in overtime. Just like that, we don't watch our beloved team play anymore for the 2008-2009 season. Just like that, Ryan Duncan, a beloved senior who has been a fixture of this team the past 4 years is done. Just like that...

A lot of people are playing the what-if game today. What if Duncan scores on that tip in front? What if Duncan wins the faceoff with 5.9 seconds left? What if Finley bounces the puck off the glass? Well you know what? What if the Sioux don't turn it around in the 2nd half? What if they don't win the MacNaughton? What if, what if, what if. I'm tired of hearing about what ifs. I'm not a believer in them. The Sioux played hard and lost. Plain and simple. I'm sad that the season is done, but in all honesty, someone had to win that game and someone had to lose. Personally, hats off to UNH for a job well done.

I'm really proud of this team and what they accomplished this season, and I think every Sioux hockey fan can be. Let's face it...they aren't the only team to suffer a heartbreaking loss in the postseason this year.

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siouxfan701 said...

we had a good team this year...its sad to see the season end.

watkins is awesome for playing that game.

my complaint all season is joe finley...he is super overrated and easily the worst player on the team. he had many costly turnovers in our own zone. and where was he during that overtime goal....doesnt he play defense??? he looked like he wasnt even trying

im glad i dont have to watch him play anymoer