March 11, 2009

Wednesday musings

I'm sure we're all excited about the fact that UND is playing Michigan Tech this weekend. And why not? I mean, they were the crappiest team in the WCHA this year, by a long shot. 3 conference wins?

I overheard the WCHA Writer talking to Hakstol this morning. He said that Michigan Tech is a solid team capable of beating anybody in the league. He also complimented their style of play. I take this as Hak is not overlooking Tech at all. He also said he doesn't compare this years series to last years series at all.

Personally, I think Tech will be challenging, and this matchup is no gimme for the Sioux. However, I do believe that the Sioux will take care of business and we'll see them Friday night in St. Paul


Goon said...

Brandon MTU had one conference win just for the record. That is my definition of crappy as well. :)

Kevin said...

Sorry Goon, i'm pretty sure they have 2 conference wins.... still pretty craptastic!!

Goon said...

Holy Cow, thanks Kevin I meant to say two and I am not sure what happend there.

clown said...

Goon, you probably weren't counting that win against the gophers. It's easy to overlook now that Minnesota is the "new" Tech.