December 1, 2010

No Love Lost

We all know by now that the Sioux and the Huskies of Minnesota don't like each other. I've never thought of St. Cloud as a big Sioux rival, but last year, that all changed.

Aaron Marvin, the goon of the NCAA, decided to take a run at the Sioux's leader and captain, Chay Genoway, skating nearly 200 feet to put a punishing elbow into Chay's head and effectively ending Genoway's season. Aaron at first was not even penalized for the hit, but later was assessed a game misconduct for it. St. Cloud fans felt that this was a gross injustice. After all, it was a clean hit and certainly Aaron didn't have any intention of knocking Genoway out of the game, right?


Here's a review of the hit. Again.

You can clearly see that Marvin throws his elbow into Chay's head. You can also see that Marvin has no intention of playing the puck; he is a man on a mission, and that mission was to knock Chay out of the game and possibly end his career.

He nearly succeeded.

Instead, Chay is back and emphasizing the best way to pay back the Huskies is to win. Certainly this is the right attitude to have, as St. Cloud is quite frankly a disappointment this season. It will be a hard-fought game and I'm looking forward to it.

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