April 20, 2011

NCAA Still Has Sour Grapes

By now, I'm sure most of you have heard that the NCAA has decided to uphold it's 2007 ruling that the University is not allowed to host post-season games or wear any Fighting Sioux apparel in the post-season, regardless of the ruling of the State that said the Sioux name is here to stay.

The point I'm trying to make here is that the NCAA is fighting for everything it can get. In the statement sent to UND President Robert Kelley, the NCAA said it was upholding the 2007 agreement, which said it must receive support from two state tribes to keep the logo, or retire the logo and namesake by August 1st, 2010. Since neither has happened (at least in the NCAA's eyes, we all know the tribes support the nickname), the NCAA has decided to uphold the 2007 ruling.

Why is it the NCAA is still picking on the Sioux? They have done everything the NCAA has asked, and yet the NCAA is still after this team. I have heard nothing about them going after other programs with namesakes and logos, such as the Utah Utes, Florida State Seminoles, or Notre Dame Fighting Irish. Also, the NCAA, being extremely hypocritical, decided to sell merchandise at the Frozen Four with the Fighting Sioux logo all over it. I know, I was there. I bought some of it.

The State Supreme Court has ruled in favor of the Sioux nickname and logo and said the NCAA can't impose its will on the program. Yet the NCAA refuses to give up, at least for now. It will be interesting to see how this plays out in the future.


USAFA Bulldog said...

Well, as a member of the NCAA, UND has to abide by their membership rules.

There has been stuff on those other schools. Florida State and Utah got waviers. Notre Dame isn't a Native American mascot/logo so they're not part of it.

UND isn't the only one being picked on by the NCAA. Arkansas State is an example of a school changing their mascot. The University of Illinois also had to retire the Chief Illiniwek.

Seejowski said...

My question is why did Florida State get by so relatively easy compared to UND?

Also having a drunken Irishman looking to pick a fight as a logo seems pretty stereotypical, hostile, and abusive to me; Notre Dame should have been included, even if it is not Native American.

Runninwiththedogs said...

So, um, Brandon.

Let me point to paragraph 2, where you say the NCAA asked for UND to either receive support from the tribe or retire the logo.

You then say "neither has happened."

Then you said in paragraph 3 that UND has "done everything the NCAA has asked."

If they have not upheld the agreement, then they have not done everything the NCAA has asked.

Goon said...

Stop clowding the issue with facts Donna...

Mia Laterno said...

You should all go check out www.collegehockeypulse.com...I am trying to drum up some Sioux support. :) The Gopher fans are starting to think they are pretty cool and totally trash talking us...I need help.

joseph burrell said...