December 14, 2008

Bring out the brooms!

The Sioux completed the task of the weekend, sweeping the Huskies of St. Cloud and vaulting into 6th place in the WCHA.

Last night, the Sioux best the Huskies 7-4 in a fun offensive showcase. The Sioux scored early thanks to Duncan and got scoring from 7 different guys all game. Eidsness, actually, played somewhat sloppy. His rebound control is not that great right now and he also seems prone to lapses in the net. He needs to remain focused. He is still playing well enough though to keep the Sioux in the games.

As I mentioned on in the Fan Forum though, it's not time to declare the ship has righted. It's not time to scream that the Sioux are ready to go to their 5th straight Frozen Four. There are still a lot of questions that need to be answered. The defense is still making some mistakes, Eidsness is still young and making mistakes, and will the offense keep the juggernaut going? But instead of being a downer this weekend, I will be positive. The Sioux played well. Very well. And they are now above .500 in the WCHA. No reason to take anything away from this team. I'm happy. :-)

Good job Sioux, good game.

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