December 4, 2008

We've been here before...

Goon pointed out to me that this team's record is very similar to the 2006-2007 team that eventually, yes, went to the Frozen Four. I looked it up and he was right. 7-10-1 right before Christmas, including getting swept by Wisconsin and Michigan Tech. That's 18 games into the season. This team rebounded incredibly in the 2nd half. I remember this season well, because in February, I was listening to KFAN and Jeff Dubay (God rest his crack-addicted soul, assuming he died) was raving about the Gophers and said North Dakota is written off. I thought he was correct. (ducks)

Fast forward to this season. The Sioux are 5-8-1. Sure, they split with Cornell, but this team is still inconsistent. And really, I'm getting tired of the "we're a 2nd half team" talk. I know over the last 4 years the Sioux have done better in the 2nd half. But those were different bodies. Face it. This is a different team. Every year the team is different. Sioux fans everywhere need to stop counting on the 2nd half surge we have come to expect. Because one of these years under Hakstol, it's not going to happen.

I think this Sioux team is capable at the very least of making the NCAA's. I'm not sure they have the talent level to take it to the Frozen Four, but hey, anything is possible...I you can probably tell, I'm not optimistic.


BrettB in STL said...

Not optimistic at all. But reality of losing to Cornell, as bad as it seemed, may or may not take them out of TUC when it comes down to NCAA selection. IF the Sioux win every non-conf. game here on out, they'll be a strong contender, as Cornell isn't that bad of a team, and hopefully they'll go on to do great things. If they don't just hope for a great WCHA playoff run to secure a spot in the big tourney..

Look at the Blues this year, were supposed to be a bottom cellar team, they came out looked great, got horrible injuries, and even though they are playing half their AHL team, they still have the 5th best PK, and 3rd best PP. And only 2 pts out of the playoffs. When their injured stars get back they'll still have a shot at the playoffs..

Keep the faith.. Untill UND fails to actually make the NCAA tourney, then I'll start to worry the next year..

Goon said...

Hey Brett I think the Sioux actually moved up 5 places this past weekend in the KRACH. I was checking it on line this past weekend. I think UND needs to have an above .500 record in the NON-conference record to get a nice at large bid. Also, I remember UND losing two games to Maine and still making it to the Frozen four.

BrettB in STL said...

Yes, they did, the biggest stat is .500 for non-conference, but you must also play in the best league and finish in the top half of that league to be assured a spot. IF, UND sweeps Harvard, and then sweeps the Great Lakes Inv. It won't matter what they do against the Beav's. They'll have a nice Non-Conf. record. Just make sure they secure home-ice for the playoffs, and also make sure the WCHA has a great Non-conf year to solidy the league and they're there.

(I made that sound easy) lol

Brandon said...

well Brett and Goon, we should have been a little more faithful...great win tonight