December 13, 2008

Sioux did great, beat Huskies 3-2

The Sioux played very well last night, dominating the third period and beat the Huskies of St. Cloud 3-2 a the Ralph.

A few observations of mine from the game:

- Hextall is the Energizer Bunny out there. He goes 300% every single night. He was held off the scoresheet, but he's constantly moving around and trying to make a play. That kid will be great

- Martens is obviously on fire

- Eidsness played great, again. Sure the first goal was a softie, but he continues to look great
- The Sioux did what they had to do to get to Weslosky: shoot, shoot shoot. Over 40 shots last night for the squad. At one point in the third, they were outshooting the Huskies 11-0

- Baby baby Lammy got his first goal last night. Congrats to him

- It looks to me like Kozek is trying too hard to make a play. I see him doing things with the puck that he maybe shouldn't be doing, like trying to skate it in through 3 guys. He needs to relax out there

- St. Cloud will come out tonight fired up. Guaranteed


Goon said...

I watched the game from the 10 minute part of the second period. I am out of town and the Sioux put it into gear in the third period. The Sioux are getting it going.

Goon said...

The Sioux extra isn't too bad they have really improved the internet broadcasts.

Brandon said...

yeah I am enjoying watching them webcasted. It's great.

BrettB in STL said...

I thought you would've pointed out the close contest a little more.. The score makes it look a lot closer then it was..

I'm just glad you joined the bright side of being a Sioux fan, as you were pondering on the sioux almost having a doom and gloom season earlier this year.

Sioux Sweep with one of the clouds better young defenseman gone to the World's, and their starting goalie had nightmares last night, I say tell Martens or Zajac to take a shot out of his water bottle on his net, just to set for the record who's house they are in! haha

Brandon said...

the game was close for the first two periods, but UND absolutely dominated the third.

And honestly, I'm not ruling out doom and gloom yet. There's a big mountain to climb still.

nerbs00 said...

Fun observation about Hextall, in the 3rd as a St. Cloud player was headed towards the box he was looking back saying something to Hextall, then Hextall waved goodbye to him :D

Goon said...

BrettB I think the young SCSU defender being out is a wash with Finley being out. Roe and Lasch had one point between them for the weekend. Something good is starting to happen to the Sioux.