February 14, 2009

Happy Valentines Day

First off, a Happy Valentines Day to you all.

The Sioux played a great game of hockey last night, beating Mankato 4-1 in front of a sellout Engelstad crowd. Behind two Miller goals, a Trupp flukey goal, and a tip by Kozek, the Sioux were able to escape Mankato, which is always a team that plays tough against North Dakota.

A few things stood out from last night's game that I was real impressed with:

- Special Teams. The Sioux snapped a powerplay drought with Miller's backhand goal. And then his goal at the end of the 1st was also on the PP. They also killed a 5x3 which killed the Mankato momentum at the time
- Good offensive pressure. They outshot the Mavericks in the 2nd period 21-4. Zacharias stood on his head for a lot of those shots.
- Good defensive game. The Sioux didn't make mistakes in their defensive zone. They were physical and relentless in their pursuit of the puck.
- Smart hockey. The game had the potential to get out of hand; yet the Sioux kept their cool and the game was relatively clean. Good job on Kato's end as well for that.

If they play like they did last night, it will be real easy to win tonight. UND would be tied for first again. Also, UND is 13th in the pairwise. I imagine a win would push them to 11th.


Goon said...

Malone and an Mavericks player which his number I can't remember dropped the gloves and were ready to square off and the ref stepped in and stopped it so there could of actually been a fight but as far as clean goes the leg check on Chay Genoway by Buress was not clean, luckily Chay was able to avoid most of it.

Brandon said...

yeah, you're right about that...but compared to what this series usually becomes, I was much happier with last night

LetsGoMavs said...

The Maverick was Nick Canzanello, #2.

Neither the Bruess kneeing penalty or boarding penalties were clean. I'm still surprised he wasn't booted for the boarding because it looked like a CFB to me. I'm hoping he plays smarter tonight and stays out of the damn box!!

Goon said...

Thank you. I hope Jutts keeps Buress in the game tonight. :)

Goon said...

Far be it from me to complain about a rough game I kind of like them. I just don't like the from behind stuff ala Lucia and Schack.

The Canzanello and Malone thing was kind of interesting they took for ever to decide to take their helmets off and fight. The ref actually grabbed Malone and that was it. No punches thrown.