February 18, 2009


Just sitting here waiting for Friday to roll around, and reflecting on the rest of the season looming.

With three series left, the Sioux definitely control their own destiny. With a sweep and two splits, they will take 2nd or 3rd in the WCHA and have home ice for the playoffs. If they can sweep all the series, they will probably win the McNaughton and face Tech at home.

If by some horror they don't do well in these final 3 series, we'll be looking at 5th place probably.


Anonymous said...

If they sweep their last three series they will absolutely win the MacNaughton. In fact, if they win 5 of their last 6 they will clinch at least a share of the MacNaughton.

Goon said...

I think the Sioux need to go at least 4-2 to have a chance to win the McNaughton. they would have 41 points.

BrettB in STL said...

UND is at 29 pts with 6 games left
Denver is at 29 with 5 left
Wisconsin is at 28 with 6 left

If Wisco wins out, they move to 40pts. If Denver wins out, they move to 39 pts.

If UND wins out it's a no brainer. They win it outright. Because they beat their closest chaser in Wisco putting them to 41pts, and wisco at 36pts.

Which is why the Wisco/Sioux weekend will most likely determine the Cup. UNLESS UND sweeps UAA and Wisco losses 2 games in their next 4, then it's over if UND sweeps CC.

So assuming UND sweeps UAA, splits CC, and splits UW, and UW sweeps their next two, and splits with UND then they win the cup by a point.

My guess is that Denver will fall into 3rd place, but if UND sweeps Wisco, then they move up to 2nd, and Wisco falls to 3rd.

Again, UW/UND last weekend of the WCHA race is the biggest weekend as they lie right now, barring a major tragedy this weekend for any of the 3 teams..

Between the WCHA, and the Western Conf. in the NHL I'm in playoff heaven right now. I keep watching the Jim Mora Playoffs spiel on youtube and it still cracks me up.

BrettB in STL said...

Wow.... I can not believe I completely blacked out the Wisco/DU games this weekend.. (It's been a long Friday) Obviously I'm pulling for a split or 2 ties resulting in a split, or maybe if the WCHA can somehow litigate or determine a way to take points away from teams.. (Now would be a great way to come up with that)

Whoever pulls out with an edge, will solidify thier 2nd place status, as I do believe UND is going to have a great last 6 games.

Brandon said...

If they go 4-2 they will be fine...the question is, who will they get their 4 wins against?