February 11, 2009

Here's Hoping

The Sioux are in an interesting posititon. Currently they are 17th in the pairwise rankings. If the season were to end today, North Dakota would be watching the NCAA tourney on TV and I would be sad. But they can certainly turn that around.

This shows different scenarios for how North Dakota can end up based on how many games they win. The general consensus is they will have to win 6 of 8 to have a chance to make the tournament. It's not going to be easy. With Mankato, UAA, CC, and Wisconsin to go against, anything can happen. But the writing is on the wall. If the Sioux do not play above .500 hockey down this stretch, they will not be dancing.

As much as I would like to be optimistic, I don't see the Sioux doing it. That's right, readers. I'm thinking that this is the year they get humbled and don't get to be in the NCAA's. Truthfully, the only teams guaranteed to make the tournament are the top 10 in the pairwise. Think about it for a second. Say you get a surprise team from every conference winning the tournament to become the conference champion. Now, more realistically, you're looking at the top 12/13 teams in the pairwise. But still. We aren't there now.


yababy8 said...

What team in the WCHA would you say is better than the Sioux?
I say none..
I think the Sioux have a very good chance at winning the WCHA tourney, maybe 40-50 percent chance.
And they have about a 50 percent chance of winning six or more of their last eight games..
and what about the exta games played in conference tourney. even if they dont win it all they have conceptually 4 plus games to play to be factored in any calculation.
Don't bail on a team that has only lost one game in their last eight???

Hoogsteen said...

He reminds me of Randy Quaid in Major League 2. When he's the fan in the stands who loses all faith and becomes the Anti-Indian fan. ;)

Anyway, we're well on our way to a comeback, maybe his bad attitude is good luck. :)

Brandon said...

I'm not wishing ill on the Sioux team. Nobody wants them to have success more than me. But you all must realize I'm realistic too. The WCHA is still up for grabs. 1st through 9th are separated by 10 points. And let's look at the teams we are playing. Mankato, which as we've seen, shows flashes of brilliance many times. It is not out of the realm of possibility that they can take a game from the Sioux. CC, which has a goaltender that can get hot at any time. UAA on the road, which is a team that surprises people, like DU last weekend. And Wisconsin, which I hate more than any other school but is getting hot at the right time. If the Sioux get swept in one of those weekends, season is over. Sorry to say it, but it's true. I sure as hell hope it doesn't happen.

Tyler M Tupa said...

You know what I was thinking...

Lets say the Sioux take home the McNaughton. There is no guarantee, in that case, that they'd pass DU in PWR. Therefore, if UND wins the conference tourney it would be considered an "upset" in terms of ranking. Without winning the Broadmoor, there is no guarantee they're in. However, if things shake out and they do get in, it would be interesting for the other bubble teams.