February 4, 2009

Another Rant

Ok, I know I've brought this up numerous times before, but I need to bring it up again. I'm tired of thuggery in hockey. It's at every single level and it seems to be a lot worse than before.

The incident that comes to mind is what happened Friday night in Minnesota, when Schack, who is one of the most unclassy hacks I have ever seen play the game, fought with Boe of MSU-Mankato. But it wasn't a squared-off type of fight. Schack jumped on top of Boe and punched him in the head numerous times. When Boe didn't have a helmet on. After Boe had turtled and gone fetal position. And yet, somehow, Coach Lucia is defending this classless act?

To not be one sided, I'll quick fill everyone in. Boe had hit Barribal earlier in the game and I believe had just checked Tony Lucia from behind. Boe was drawing a 5 minute major for checking from behind + a game misconduct for that hit. But about 14 seconds later, Schack made sure he wouldn't be serving the penalty in the penalty box.

The league is not suspending Schack. Rather than doing the right thing, Lucia praised Schack's garbage play. And Gopher fans are saying that he did nothing wrong. Really? I suppose Clinton blowing it in the mouth of an intern wasn't wrong either.

This needs to stop. This garbage hockey. It has to stop. Michigan State did the right thing. Minnesota did not. That program, which I have always viewed as an unclassy program, took a few more steps in the wrong direction.


Goon said...

Brandon I take it you don't watch the NHL? Just wondering, I like the NHL because you rarely if ever see incidents like the ones we have seen the last couple of weeks. I blame the Face mask and the no fighting rule on this crap.

Michael said...

Clinton blowing it in an interns mouth was alright, him lieing about it was not. GO SIOUX!