December 10, 2009

Big series upcoming against the Badgers

Some say the Sioux's biggest rival is the Pioneers. Others will say the Gophers. Yet very few think the biggest rival is the Badgers...

While in this writer's opinion the Badgers are not the Sioux's top rival, they are certainly a tough foe and one to be reckoned with. The Badgers are one of 3 teams in the WCHA you do not count out (the other two being Minnesota and North Dakota). They always seem to quietly put together a decent season, and often make the NCAA's. Two years ago, as a 4 seed, they nearly knocked off the Sioux in the championship game, forcing the Sioux to beat them in overtime. Wisconsin had no business being in that tournament; yet they nearly earned a trip to Denver.

Anyway, I know some Badger fans (who are all fat, cause it's Wisconsin, and everyone there is fat) are mad that their beloved team isn't ranked higher than North Dakota. Have you ever tried to rank the top 20? It's difficult. You factor in how the weekend went for each team, who they beat or lost to, what the ranking of said team was. Was either game a blowout? Were there injuries? All these things are a factor. When it comes down to it, Wisconsin does not deserve to be as high as North Dakota.

The Sioux are looking at a tough weekend though. Genoway is still out...and VandeVelde may be a game-time decision. Wisconsin is a big team and has a pretty dynamic offense. But they are beatable. It's going to be a great weekend of hockey.

Wisconsin sucks.

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Anonymous said...

Great Post! I am already excited for 120 great min of Sioux hockey!