December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas!

Good morning and Merry Christmas.

Since the Sioux are in quite a bit of downtime, I figured I'd better make a post, even though there's not a lot going on. I'm hoping the team is using this time to cope with injuries and look deep within itself and find the winning ways that it had early in the season.

Rumor has it that Genoway may be eligible for medical redshirt. I personally think if this is true, the team should shut him down and let him return next year. I'm not saying it's a lost season; far from it, in fact. It's just with concussions being in the limelight and how serious they are treating them, I think it's a prudent thing to do.

Other than that, I hope you all have a Merry Christmas. :-)


Mark said...

If Chay is physically healthy enough to play at any time the rest of the season, whether he plays or not, he will not be eligible for a medical redshirt. The school can't just shut him down and go for the redshirt. Medical records will determine his eligibility.

Anonymous said...

North Dakota Sucks Donkey Balls

Anonymous said...

North Dakota Sucks Donkey Balls

Goon said...

I think we will see Genoway before the season is over.