December 31, 2009


I'd like to clarify my previous post.

Basically I gave the facts (Frattin is back with the team) then gave my thoughts. I said there might be some people that see it as a desperation move and I might agree. To this moment, I have talked with two people that say the coaching staff was sitting in a room, scratching their heads, grabbing at every last straw when a lightbulb went off and someone said HEY! Let's bring back Frattin! I'm not of that opinion. However, any Sioux fan can admit the timing is pretty coincidental. I mean, let's look at the facts:

- Genoway is still out, and the team has gone 2-5-2 in his absence
- Zajac is out for most likely 6 weeks
- Kristo is not with the team right now
- The Sioux have blown plenty of leads in their losses
- Eids is not looking very good right now

I'm keenly aware of how Hakstol did not suspend Frattin for a year. Or 6 months. Or 3 months. Whatever. There was no timetable. I get that. He dismissed him from the team and said we will evaluate it. All I am saying is that the timing of it is quite interesting. And yes, I am happy to have Matt back on the team; I believe he will provide quite the spark and give the boys some good momentum.

Anyone who follows my blog knows I'm a realist when it comes to the Sioux team. I call it like I see it. If they are playing well, I am happy and my posts reflect that. If they are sucking, I am not afraid to call them out. Maybe it comes from knowing the game of hockey very very well and seeing things out there that other fans cannot. I don't know.

Anyway, hopefully Frattin can keep his nose clean and provide something that North Dakota is searching for.


Anonymous said...

The timing of bringing him back has to do with the fact that a new semester is beggining and he can come back to school now. It's not like they could have waited one or two months to bring him back. It was now, next season, or never.

czupfer said...

Big Time... I enjoy reading your blog and Goons but with that said I think you are way off here. I also believe your comment about how you know the game "very very well and see things that other/most fans cannot" is stupid and arrogant. It would be fun to watch a period of hockey with you at the Final Five and see just how "observant" you are.

Happy New Year & thanks for the posts... just take out the unnecessary extras.

Goon said...

I think bringing Frattin in has nothing to do with injuries but a kid that met Hakstols conditions.

Goon said...

Hey Brandon Zajac is now skating lightly with the team, he may actually be a head of schedule.

Tim said...

Brando this is really arrogant- "Maybe it comes from knowing the game of hockey very very well and seeing things out there that other fans cannot. I don't know."

Also what the hell is The Two Dinosaurs? It says your name is The Two Dinosaurs.

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Sloe Gin said...

Trying to keep up with the Wisconsins of the world.

Goon said...

Hey Brandon, if you have the the code to sign into your blogger account you can get rid of the spammers that post on your blog.

Anonymous said...

Zajac is supposed to be back with the team for the next series. Hextall is now out 4-6 weeks with some kind of injury. Its good that the team will have Zajac back, but losing a key guy like Hextall, along with Genoway already being out will be challenging.