February 21, 2010

Picking your corner

Do I start off with the drubbing that the Sioux put on the Bulldogs this weekend? Do I mention how Marvin took out a Badger player with another questionable hit? Do I dare say that Eids is playing well? Or how the Sioux have vaulted in the pairwise to 7th? Or...

No, I think I'll talk about one specific thing this morning. It was Hextall's shot on Friday night that put the Sioux up 2-0. Check it out below:

When I was a forward, I would always try to score goals the way Hextall did right there...by putting the puck in a place that the goalie couldn't save it. That place was over the shoulders. It's one advantage to the shooter if a goalie playing the butterfly style. As I said, I targeted this area many times. Unfortunately, I'm not nearly as good as Hextall.

The Sioux forwards were doing this at will over the weekend, picking their corners and scoring many times over. Hopefully this trend continues.

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