February 27, 2010

A big win and a retraction

The Sioux pulled a great win out last night, beating CC in overtime last night behind a great goal by lawnmisower tosser Matt Frattin.

I was at the game and on the end where the Sioux scored all three of their goals. The first one was a beautiful wrist shot. I couldn't see the 2nd goal, but that 3rd one, well, it was just pretty. Fratts on a breakaway, looked calm, cool, and comfortable.

The win solidified UND in 5th place, and more importantly, made 4th place reachable.

On another topic, about a week ago, I mentioned that Corbin Knight's hit on Mike Connolly was questionable. Not dirty, but questionable. Well, the league has announced that they will use this hit as an example of CLEAN hits where unfortunate things happen. Check out Schloss's blog for further analysis on that. But basically, I will admit that I was wrong. Knight's hit was clean. Unfortunate that a player got injured, but clean.

I wonder if Runningwiththedogs will print a retraction and apology. :-p

That's it.


Runninwiththedogs said...

So you suddenly think that the WCHA leadership, who you have loudly and repeatedly criticized, is suddenly preaching the gospel truth?


Anonymous said...

Wow. Someone needs to get laid.