February 9, 2010

Was Marvin's hit dirty?

Yes, it was. And unfortunately, most SCSU fans are unwilling to admit this. If you visit USCHO, the weekly thread of this series has exploded. SCSU fans are calling for Sioux fans to get over it and most are saying that it was not a dirty hit. Sioux fans are calling out Marvin for destroying their best player.

As a self-proclaimed great hockey mind, I have spent a lot of time breaking this hit down. I was a physical player myself when I played, so I know a lot about checking and the physical side of hockey.

Without further ado, check out the following:

Wait for the slow motion. At 8 seconds, you can clearly see Marvin is not skating. He is gliding. A player at this caliber should not stop moving their feet. Although I can't prove it, I am very confident that Marvin is no longer looking at the puck and is only thinking about how to hit Chay. At 10 seconds, you can definitely tell Marvin is going for Chay and not the puck. The puck is at Chay's stick but Marvin is not looking for the puck. Also look where his stick is. It's not on the ice. He's holding it with two hands, clearly preparing to use it as a weapon. One second later, the puck has come free and is to Marvin's left. Yet he has no interest in the puck. He only has one thing on his mind: bring down Chay. Look at how he has now wound up. He is preparing to inflict maximum force on Chay. At 14 seconds, you can see the impact. Marvin has hit Chay in the head and driven him into seamless glass. He has used his larger size to inflict maximum pain on Chay. He has used his forearms, elbows, and stick to injure him. He has pulled a ridiculous goon move that in all honesty, reminds me of Todd Bertuzzi and Steve Moore.

Actually, this is much worse than Bertuzzi. Genoway is way more valuable to the Sioux then Moore was to the Avalanche. Also, Genoway didn't do anything to deserve this hit. Moore in the previous week took out Naslund with an elbow, albeit unintentionally. Yet Bertuzzi was suspended for much longer than Marvin was. Why was Marvin not suspended for the season? Why did he not have to issue an apology?

This hit was disgusting. Marvin delivered a horrible hit that should at the very least have garnered a yearlong suspension. You know if a Sioux player would have done this, that would have been the consequences.


Goon said...

I laugh at the SCSU fans that tell us to get over it, but, what if some Sioux hockey player had taken out ROE or LASCH? Wouldn't they want some revenge for the hit? I can imagine if Motzko makes as big of scene has he has on a disallowed goal what would he have done if this happened to one of his star players?

USAFA Bulldog said...

Are SCSU fans saying it shouldn't be a penalty? If they are I can't see how they are defending that.

Now if they are arguing if it was "dirty" I could see that. No one knows except Marvin, what his intentions were. Now Genoway had his back turned well before Marvin hit him, so it's not a case of him turning his back at the last second, so it looks dirty to me (plus Marvin's raised hands).

This all being said I don't miss USCHO much.

Anonymous said...

Point out an SCSU fan saying it wasn't dirty, point out one that has said it shouldn't have been a penalty and Marvin shouldn't have been suspended. Not one person has done that. But you can't prove what was in his head no matter how many times you break it down frame by frame like it's the damn Zapruder film. And yes, get over it. But go ahead, have your guys take runs, make an attempt to injure, hell do exactly what you think Marvin intended and injure a Husky for the season, we'll take all the power plays your guys are ready to give us.

Anonymous said...

Marvin also did apologize for it, both to Chay and in a St. Cloud Times story. But it wasn't some big public thing because this isn't the NHL, it's college hockey and no one cares.

Brandon said...

Look, I don't know how you anon SCSU fans can say that it wasn't intent to injure. I guarantee if the shoe was on the other foot you'd be screaming for the Sioux player to be suspended, forced to live with Dirty, whatever. But you just sit here and tell us as Sioux fans to get over it. No. Not until Marvin is nailed to a cross and you all see what a horrible hit that was.

Anonymous said...

Come down from your cross first, Genoway is no hero, and you are no martyr.
Once again, until you KNOW what he was thinking, you can't claim intent to injure and since you never will know, again, GET. OVER. IT. Your precious golden boy isn't playing and that is unfortunate, but it does happen. If he'd gotten right back up and played the next day you wouldn't be bitching. It's not the hit you are pissed at, it's the injury. If he'd taken the same hit, and he'd played the next night, I doubt you would be so angry. Yes it was dirty hit, NO ONE IS ARGUING THAT ASSHOLE, no one and Marvin WAS suspended, it just wasn't long enough, 5 would have been better. Well that's the league, so why don't you go get pissed at them? You want revenge, I want the 4 points that I think is likely if your team is thinking the same way you are.

Sloe Gin said...

Typical Sue still crying. Try winning some games it will make you feel better.