March 8, 2011

Inaugral Blogger Poll Standings

Earlier this year I was asked to participate in the first WCHA Blogger poll. 15 of us came together and put our thoughts down on how we thought the season would turn out. Needless to say, don't gamble based on our picks.

Here's what we said for final standings:

1. North Dakota (12)
2. St. Cloud (2)
3. Minnesota-Duluth (1)
4. Denver
5. Minnesota
6. Wisconsin
7. Nebraska-Omaha
8. Colorado College
9. Bemidji State
10. Minnesota State
11. Michigan Tech
12. Alaska-Anchorage

Needless to say, we nailed two teams - North Dakota and Minnesota.

For player of the year, here's what we picked:

Jack Connolly - Duluth (6)
Garrett Roe - St. Cloud (5)
Jacob Cepis - Minnesota - (1)
Chay Genoway - North Dakota (1)
Jason Gregoire - North Dakota (1)
Matt Read - Bemidji (1)

My guess is none of those players will get it. Rather, it will go to Matt Frattin of North Dakota.

Here's who we picked for Rookie of the Year

Jaden Schwartz-Colorado College (6)
Beau Bennett-Denver (2)
Derek Forbort-North Dakota (2)
Nick Bjugstad-Minnesota (1)
Erik Haula-Minnesota (1)
Matt White-Nebraska Omaha (1)
Mark Zengerle-Wisconsin (1)
Sam Rendle-Bemidji (1)

Again, we royally whiffed on this one, as it will most likely go to Jason Zucker of Denver.

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