March 13, 2011

Most Exciting Time in College Hockey

I was driving home from the airport last night and was on the phone with my friend and frequent commenter on this blog, Steve. We were talking, nonstop, about this time of year. How we all become scoreboard watchers and suddenly what all 58 teams in college hockey are doing is important. How we all calculate the PWR rankings and the what-if scenarios. I realized that this time of year, this playoff hunt, is the most exciting time in college hockey.

October could be. Start of the new season. New life. New blood. Every team is 0-0. But then a team like Michigan Tech makes a little noise and everyone in their fanbase is screaming for a huge season, which ultimately doesn't happen.

The Frozen Four could be. But by that point, the majority of hockey fans have gone home and are "waiting until next year".

This is the time of year where everyone is on their computers, digging into the games. Finding out who is winning. This is the best time in college hockey.


krangodance said...

boy howdy. i love conference champs week in college hockey. in fact, i think it may be my favorite week of the year in all sports.

the ncaa tournament is exciting for obvious reason (you can't have a nc without it of course), but this week is the week of the year i look forward to all season.

go Sioux!!

Brandon said...

last night at CC, my buddy and I were on our phones, scoreboard watching the ECAC, Hockey East, and CCHA. It's a fun time to be a college hockey fan!

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