March 6, 2011

Some stats to boggle your minds...and one to be concerned about

Schloss had a ton of stats about this Sioux team to end the regular season on his blog. While I won't recap them all, I'll run down a few of them. For the complete list, head over to his blog. Goon also recapped them as well.

- Frattin won the league scoring title. He is tied for the NCAA lead with 29
- Aaron Dell won the WCHA goalie title with a 1.97 GAA
- The Sioux were the top scoring team with 4.00 GPG
- 1st in offense, defense, special teams, and PP

Pretty impressive stats for this team. There's one fact thought that troubles me. No team has won the WCHA title and the National Championship since Northern Michigan did in 1991. There's been some real good teams that have won the MacNaughton cup during that timespan, and not one of them won the NCAA Championship. Definitely something this team can hopefully reverse, but man, it's not a good sign.


USAFA Bulldog said...

Some stats just seem to defy reason.


In the MN boys hockey tourney, White Bear Lake (a Twin-Cities Metro school) has made the tourney 17 times in their history and have never won their first game (thus they're always in the consolation bracket).

USAFA Bulldog said...

Of course, I probably just jinxed myself...... White Bear is in the tourney this week.... playing Duluth East. Hopefully East wins.

Brandon said...

yeah, most of the time I think stats are BS, but sometimes, man...

Scott H said...

There have been 2 teams (recently) that have won a share of the MacNaughton Cup and gone on to win a National Championship: Denver in 2005 and UND in 1997. Here's to hoping this year breaks the "curse"