March 27, 2011

Who do you cheer for?

Yesterday was interesting in following people on Facebook. A lot of hockey fans, especially WCHA fans, were cheering against the Sioux against RPI. When asked why they wouldn't want to support the conference, they said they'd rather the WCHA not have anyone then North Dakota.


Why would you not want your conference to represent?

Unless it's the Gophers, Wisconsin, or DU, you always cheer for your conference. And you cheer for those teams if they are playing Michigan, BC, Yale...basically, you cheer for your conference.


Runninwiththedogs said...

I'd cheer for any of those teams before I'd cheer for the Sioux.

St. Cloud and Buttmidji are the only schools that would cause me to cheer for UND. And even then I think I'd just puke.

Thomas said...

I'm a Sioux fan and as hard as it is I have always cheered for the wcha teams against non-conference opponents, even went as far as participating in the gopher rouser in the 2002 national championship game. As much as I hate Minnesota, Denver and Duluth, I will always cheer for them over any of the teams from the east. Yesterday other Sioux fans thought I was retarded for wanting Denver to beat western Michigan. But you gotta beat the best teams to win a NC. And id rather see Denver in the frozen four than western Michigan.

joseph burrell said...

that is an interesting question because I read a similar question on an online bookmaking blog and I answered that I cheer for Michigan! :D

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