November 23, 2008

Looking for answers? Yeah, me too

The Sioux took home 1 point against the hapless UMD Bulldogs this weekend, making Stalock, a goalie that has struggled mightily this year, look like an all-star.

I listened to last night's game on the radio, and there were maybe two times where I thought the Sioux had good scoring chances. That's pathetic, in my eyes. The top line of Duncan, VandeVelde, and Hextall struggled bigtime last night to find the open lanes and get shots on net. These are your top guys. They need to be producing, especially in what was a must win game in my eyes.

Now I know people are going to say "but Brandon. It's early still. The Sioux are a 2nd half team!" You know what? I'm tired of people saying it's early. Because it's not early anymore. You're 2 months into a 5 month season. The playoffs start in March. The season started in October. That's not a lot of time to get your shit together. Let's face it: The Sioux are a mess right now. They cannot capitalize on power-plays to save their lives, their defense is still prone to giving up the odd man rush that Eidsness cannot stop, and their forwards are not finding the open shooting lanes. All that adds up to is a team that cannot score goals when they need to be.

I want to believe this team can turn it around. Yes, they are young, but the talent is there, IMO. We've seen flashes of it all season. And a team that can go into CC and split should be a top half team in the WCHA. But this Sioux team right now has a lot of problems. And like I said, there are more questions than answers right now.


Goon said...

Yeah, holy cow, I got hotel room right across the street from the Xcel for the Final Five I hope to God UND is going to be there in the spring.

Runninwiththedogs said...

How can you be so wrong in just one sentence? It's truly an accomplishment!