January 31, 2009

Somewhat Satisfied

First off, I was unable to watch the games this weekend. Friday night was not on the webcast and Saturday night I was flying, so I'm kind of piecing this weekend together from what I listened to on the radio and from what I read on Saturday's game.

This weekend's series was somewhat satisfying. To me it was like going to the bar and finding out they don't have your favorite vodka but they do have a vodka that is somewhat on your level. So it's like me ordering a Ketel and tonic, and instead getting a Belvedere. It'll do, but it's not ideal.

Friday night, the team just played flat out uninspired hockey. The shots were not indicative of play, from what I could tell. I was really unimpressed with the game, quite frankly, and it left a bad taste in my mouth. Saturday's game was much better. It sounds like the Sioux were clicking well on all cylinders, passes were crisp and accurate, and from what I heard, St. Cloud didn't play a bad game.

A sweep would have been better. A split will do for now. A weekend off is what this team needs.


Goon said...

Don't you drink Beer? :) did you get your shirt?

Steve said...

Sooo, what happened to that fucking ball hair and his 7th place prediction?? looks like they are starting to click, and after watching some CCHA last night, should fair alright if they do make the dance. Tight ass race for the McNaughton, tell ya that much.

ps, never seen ya bitch about belvedere in vegas!!

Brandon said...

Jess Myers has put his tail between his legs and is now saying nothing but good things about the Sioux. Typical.

Good point by Steve on the tight race. We're still looking at only 10 points separating 1st from 9th in the WCHA.

And I do too bitch about Belvedere in Vegas! Hell, when Eric kept ordering Grey Goose and red bulls I had to find the bev and ask her for Ketel. That's how I roll. ;)

Goon said...

Grey Goose and red bulls, I want to be a wide awake drunk. LOL :)

Half the fun about being drinking is going to sleep after. :)

Anonymous said...

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