October 19, 2009

3/4 points. Not too bad

Friday night the Sioux looked unstoppable against a Gopher team that looked...worse than Alabam...Niagar.....Bemidj......they just looked bad. Like watching a high school team take on a college team. If it wasn't for Kangas's brilliant play, the Sioux would have won 8 or 9-0.

Saturday night the Gophers played much better. Or the Sioux played much worse. I think the Gophers played better. And still, the Sioux were able to salvage a tie and take 3 of 4 points. Against your most hated rival, in a game this early on in the season, I'll take that any day.

The Sioux travel this weekend to visit the Seawolves. Should be a tough series...although really, is any series easy?

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Tom said...

your link to brads blog is wrong, it just takes you to the area voices homepage, just thought i'd let ya know, its been bothering me for a year now