October 16, 2009

Predictions for Tonight

The day has arrived. Sioux/Gophers day. The day that we look forward to so so so much. This series is huge. Epic.

I was talking to the WCHA Writer of uscho.com and tried to get my thoughts together on how the series will go down. I can see it going any which way, to be honest. Gopher sweep, Sioux sweep, split, ties, one tie and a win for each team. Really, it can go anywhere in this case. So I'll break it down by each team...and determine it by then...

Aside from not losing a lot of people last year, the Gophers are coming in with a year more of experience under their belt. Kangas is looking to rebound after what last year was a miserable series for the then sophomore goaltender. The entire team will be fired up to play their biggest rivals, and the guys from last year are not going to forget how North Dakota trounced them. They are also going up against a questionable goalie in Brad Eidsness.

Simply put, it's the talent. This freshman class is dynamic and balanced. All the freshmen that played last weekend against Merrimack contributed in some way. The leadership and talent of Chay Genoway and Chris VandeVelde will keep the team fired up for what is clearly their biggest rival. Certainly the team knows they are capable of beating what looks on paper to be an inexperienced Gopher team and a goaltender who slumped last year.

So, after looking at the facts, my inclination is to call a Sioux sweep. But it's too early in the season and Minnesota is too angry and hungry to let it happen. So I'm calling split. North Dakota Friday, Minnesota Saturday.

Now drop the puck!!!!

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