October 11, 2009

An epic series...

"UND is my most hated rival. Why? Well, WI has football and basketball. UND only has hockey. I want to destroy their only dream. I want to break their spirit, their hopes, their dreams. I hope they burn in hell." - Brent

"The saddest day of my life was when Jason Notermann checked Pat O'Leary from behind and O'Leary wasn't permanently injured." - Dirty

"My son is a UND grad so it's always sweet to beat him, and me being a UMN grad, it's all that much more sweet." - My dad

"I like the Sioux vs Gopher series because it's an opportunity for the Fighting Sioux to beat down the Golden Boys from Minnesota. 7 > 5. You can't save sieve without Kangas.
" - Goon

As you can see, this rivalry means something to a lot of people, both on the Sioux and Gopher side. This is the equivalent of Michigan/Ohio State or Vikings/Packers for many of the fans on both sides. So what does it mean to me?

Although I hate Wisconsin, whenever the Sioux play Wisconsin, it's like Armani vs. Wal Mart. Wisconsin has nothing. It's a blue collar state. It's fat. It's people are fat. It has towns like Milwaukee. Overrated and disgusting but somehow the locals love it. Unreal. No, Minnesota vs. North Dakota is epic. This is a battle of two powerhouses. A battle of egos. A battle that rivals BC/BU. One team with 7 national championships, the other with 5. Both teams draw great talent and both teams have good fan bases, although I'll say North Dakota's fans are more educated in terms of hockey.

Predictions to follow tomorrow...

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