October 22, 2009

Off to Anchorage

The Sioux are off to the cold land of Alaska to take on the Seawolves of UAA.

I can't figure out this city. First it was built simply out of convenience for the Alaska Railroad. Unlike other Alaska cities, this city had no mineral resources around it. Basically, it's a dump. Then they discover oil in the bay. But wait...aren't we not allowed to drill for oil in Alaska cause we might kill a sea otter? Or a seawolf? Really, what is a seawolf anyway?

This city actually matches New York City in a strange way. Only New York City has a higher percentage of residents living in its largest city. And aside from Anchorage, can you name me any cities in Alaska besides Fairbanks, Juneau, Barrow, or Dutch Harbor?

Not only that, but the Seawolves have Donald as a fan. Nuff said.

Is it possible to give a state back to the country that sold it to us? I think once we strip Alaska of its resources, we should sell it back to Russia for what we paid for it...7.2 million dollars. In fact, let's pay Canada to take Wisconsin and Michigan.

All kidding aside, the Sioux do have a tough weekend ahead of them. I am aware that two defensemen for UAA are out, Nils Backstrom and Trevor Hunt. Coach Shyiak has been forced to put freshman in their place, but is optimistic right now about their play. I know cause I heard the WCHA writer interview him yesterday. Hak said he might try to get Aaron Dell some playing time at goaltender this series. Personally I am excited for that and hope we do get to see him.

Prediction coming tomorrow. Be prepared to stay up late to watch the games. Oh, and Dirty is calling Sioux sweep.


Donald Dunlop said...

Current Temps:
Grand Forks - 39
Anchorage -44

Donald Dunlop said...

There's no "bay". There is Cook Inlet which has an extensive history of Oil and Gas Development

Donald Dunlop said...

The city was established because of it's geographic location at the top of Cook Inlet making it a reasonable place to export the resources which to which you refer.

I'm stunned and amazed that ignorant ND flatlanders actually attempt to talk shit about Alaska versus their hovel of a state. At least Alaska was acquired legally versus the pillage, rape and murder of the Lakota peoples that occurred in what is now the least visited state

And you thought I'd link to you from my blog? LOL

Donald Dunlop said...

4 paragraphs and 3 brutally ignorant misstatements ...

Nice work.

Brandon said...

I thought you don't read my blog, Donald?

Anonymous said...

It doesn't look like it takes much to get under Donald's skin.

Nicely done Brando.

Anonymous said...

Here is one of the most accurate assessments of Donald "Douchbag" Dunlop I have seen for a long time.
'Dunlop is a narcisstic loser obsessed with self-importance presuming to be the "spokesman" for UAA hockey fans. Good thing nobody takes him too seriously. He must have too much time on his hands, judging by his endless pontificating on his blog.'

Anonymous said...

Donald is in need of anger management classes, he has a hair trigger.

Anonymous said...

Donald, YOU must be that guy I see at the Alaska games on TV...you know, basically the only fan.

YOU can't make fun of any other state, you live in freaking Alaska! You are known for Sarah Palin more than anything now, except maybe Crabs.(yep, it's a double entendre)


Goon said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Brandon said...

but Goon, Donald doesn't read either of our blogs...:-)

Goon said...

Honestly I don't care if the back bencher reads my blog or not.

The ANON post from 8:29 on the 22nd of October is very accurate.
'Dunlop is a narcisstic loser obsessed with self-importance presuming to be the "spokesman" for UAA hockey fans. Good thing nobody takes him too seriously. He must have too much time on his hands, judging by his endless pontificating on his blog.'

Anonymous said...

Slow Gin ...go wash your face.....
smells like Dirty's ballsack

UNDFan said...

Check out what was posted on Donald's blog anonymously, he must have ruffled somebodies feathers.

Anonymous said...
I see our self-obsessed friend Mr. Dunlop has too much time on his hands, judging by his endless rants, type A personality and ADHD issues. Keeping your nose clean lately Donald?

3AN-02-04660SC CARR GOTTSTEIN FOODS vs. Dunlop, Donald Small Claims Prior to Conversion

3AN-95-D734199 State of Alaska vs. Dunlop, Donald Charge Dscr AS28.10.471: S/R/E REGISTRATION

3AN-99-03571SC Financial collection, Agency of anch vs. Dunlop, Donald PFD garnishment

4HE-05T1273799 State of Alaska vs. Dunlop, Donald AS28.22.019: FAIL CARRY PROOF INS

3AN-02A1315857 Municipality of Anchorage vs. Dunlop, Donald M AMC9.16.140(B): EXERCISE CARE/VEHICL

3AN-02A1316894 Municipality of Anchorage vs. Dunlop, Donald M AMC9.16.090(A): UNSAFE LANE CHANGE

3AN-04-16460MO Municipality of Anchorage vs. Dunlop, Donald M AMC9.26.030(C)-Z5: 10-19MPH Spd Limit Viol

3AN-04-25461MO Municipality of Anchorage vs. Dunlop, Donald M AMC9.44.380(C)(3): One Studded Tire/Out Of Season 5-1 Thru 9-15

3AN-98-03031SC AK FINANCIAL SVCS vs. Dunlop, Donald M Non-Trial Judgment Amount Amt:1246.58

3PA-96-T967611 State of Alaska vs. Dunlop, Donald M 13AAC02.275(b): Speeding

Goon said...

Funny the post has already been deleted and he will be threatening a law suit against said person. :)

Anonymous said...

Actually the said post is still up RPI thread and I think it was a little over the top, using an ANON moniker to impugn his name, of course being a bomb thrower he deserves some of it. It would be interesting to see what the said poster had on his record. I have gotten a few speeding tickets in the day.

Anonymous said...

Ouch...got ass's handed to you Saturday night.. Wow how far are you dropping Monday in the polls? .....as far as selling Alaska back...shit nobody wants North Dakota.....even the Mexicans said fuck no.....maybe team up with Quebec and make your own country as you are about as fucked up as they are.
Team mascot……..how about a sand bag at least it’s fitting.

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