November 19, 2009

Injuries on Both Sides

Big series starts tomorrow in Denver. The Sioux are playing Denver. The clash of the titans. The battle of the best. Call it what you want. It's going to be an epic series.

Or it should have been...but both teams are dealing with some serious injuries. Cheverie and Wierciosh are both out for Denver while Chay Genoway is still out for UND. Without these players, both UND and DU are hurting real bad. Let's hope it's still a good series.


Goon said...

Careful now! Chevy and Wiers are "doubtful" they havne't been ruled out yet.

Brandon said...

yeah, I know...Dasher Dancer is screwing with our heads!

Goon said...

I am wondering if there isn't going to be some gamemanship there. We will see by Friday night.