November 13, 2009

It's Friday, which means hockey!

Yay, after a week off, it's back to Sioux hockey!

First, Schloss had an article about how popular college hockey is in the midwest. It really is impressive the numbers that the F5 puts up. I know it's an event I plan on attending every year, and have since 2003, only missing 2006 due to airline training.

Anyway, the Sioux play the Huskies of St. Cloud this weekend. I think while it should be a lock for a sweep, it won't come easy. The Sioux may be without Hextall for some injury reason. However, St. Cloud won't have Roe tonight for violating a team rule.

Bottom line is, the Sioux should come out this weekend with a sweep. That's my call.

Another interesting article here

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