November 11, 2009

Lofquist leaves the Gopher progam

I learned a couple days ago that Sam Lofquist left the Gopher program early. This is the 4th Gopher to depart the program early in the last three years (Kyle Okposo in 2007, Jimmy O'Brien and Jake Taylor in 2008) and you have to this just on the players, or is it on the coaches?

Granted, I know there are players that leave programs early from every team in every league, but you have to wonder why so many players have departed the Gopher program early. Are some of these players coming in with unrealistic expectations? Is the coaching staff making these players roles unclear? Or are the players just selfish, looking out for their best interests and not the teams?

I think in the case of Lofquist, it's just selfish. He didn't play a lot this year (3 of 8 games) and didn't register a point. It's pretty clear to me that he had one foot in and one foot out of the Gopher program. You all know how much I hate the college player leaving early, but to leave in the middle of the season? Inexcusable. And ultimately, it has to fall on the coaching staff. Don't recruit guys that are flight risks. Make sure every player is understanding of their role. And if you think they are going to leave, yank their scholarship so you can give it to a player that is deserving of it and wants it.

Article from the Star Tribune


Charlie said...

How is a coach to know when he offers a scholarship that the player will not do what Lofquist did? It is a gut feeling, is it not?

Brandon said...

I think as a coach, you should know your players enough to know if they are committed to sticking it out and playing in a team environment. No player should ever be above the team in any circumstances.

Goon said...

I think it's a tough call and some of these kids are probably hard to read.

Runninwiththedogs said...

Your research sucks. You are missing Drew Fisher, Grant Scott, and Mike Dorr.

Brandon said...

meh, I'm lazy Donna