March 1, 2010

Lotsa stuff

First off, big win by the Sioux on Saturday. My goodness. They dominated CC on the pk and when they got their first powerplay, they took advantage. Eids is playing very well right now, and I can only hope that continues.

Second off, UND is sitting 6th in the pairwise and 7th in the USCHO poll. They also secured home ice for the playoffs by sweeping CC. Basically, things are looking real good.

Finally, to borrow a quote from a very good blogger, Joseph Horatio Terrence Remington Giancarlo Israel Q-Bert Yerdon XXVIII Esq., the WCHA "Wheel of Justice" handed down a 3 game suspension to the headhunter from SCSU, Aaron Marvin. I'm guessing that this is not only retribution for his garbage hit on Chay Genoway earlier in the year, but his blatant headshot to Blake Geoffrion.

SCSU fans have expressed their disgust at this turn of events, but really, they shouldn't be surprised. Had the WCHA doled out the proper suspension right after the Genoway suspension, which should have been 1/2 a dozen games minimum, Brucie and co. most likely wouldn't have had to do this. But let's face it. Marvin has proved himself to be a goon in a couple incidents this season and he had this coming.

Anyway, looking at one more season series against the Techies.


Anonymous said...

Finally a little justice on Marvin but it's 3 months to late.Frickin hack.

Steve said...

Is he related to Lee Marvin, former Sioux? Figured the oh mighty blogger world may know!