March 16, 2010

Frattin suspended for hit

There's a few things to discuss regarding this...I wonder if I should start backwards and work my way to the front.

To borrow a term from Gross Misconduct Hockey, the Wheel of Justice was out again Monday, as commissioner Bruce McLeod decided to hand Sioux forward Matt Frattin a one game suspension for his hit on Wehrs in the Sunday night game. Thank you to Joseph Alaric Remington Horatio Daxen Izaiack Zebedee Johnny-Cage XXXVIII, Esq.

There's a choppy video of the hit on Youtube that actually makes the hit look legit, aside from Frattin leaving his feet. But Schloss has some stills from the hit that we can check out...a la the Kennedy assassination. Let's do it.

Here's Frame 1. Wehrs knows he's about to be blasted and appears to be bracing himself. Frattin is moving towards Wehrs at a very fast rate. Can't see the puck but Frattin is going to be unable to stop himself at this point anyway.
Here's Frame 2. There's a couple things. One, I think the puck is right below the Chevy logo under the Rydell logo. If that's the case, Wehrs had the puck and Frattin is in every right to check him. Two, as it looks right now, in this frame, Frattin is at the same level as Wehrs. He has yet to leave his feet. So far, this appears legit.

Finally, here's Frame 3. You can clearly tell that's the puck in between the Chevy and Cadillac logo. Frattin is driving Wehrs into the boards. I can't tell for sure, but at this point, it seems Frattin has his shoulder into Wehrs head. I can't tell for sure though. The more important thing is what happens in the next frame that you can't see...which was Frattin leaving his feet to finish the check.

As I discussed with my buddy Tim, if Frattin doesn't leave his feet on this hit, we're not even having this discussion right now. The fact that he left his feet is why this is a big deal today.

Also, Tim told me that the FSN broadcasters were saying that Frattin should go to jail for that hit and basically associating him with Marty McSorely or Bertuzzi. Um, I'm sorry, but that is not assault. A dangerous hit? Possibly. But assault? No. I wonder if both those announcers were saying the same thing about Marvin's hit on Genoway...

In all seriousness, the Sioux are down a man Thursday night in St. Paul and I wish Wehrs a speedy recovery.

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