October 26, 2010

Calling out my own stupidity

As most of you know, last Saturday, I wrote a pretty scathing piece about the ECAC writer on this blog. I have since taken it down. I would like to explain why.

I blog about two things: my exercise regiment and Ironman dreams and the Sioux hockey program. Both are topics I'm very passionate about and both allow me to convey to the public my thoughts about each. Yet both are very different. With the exercise blog, it's a continual work in progress. It's something that I'm dabbling in constantly and learning about all the time. With the Sioux blog, I bring a near lifetime of hockey knowledge to the table. I try to cover a lot of things about the team while injecting my own personal take. I try to keep it different from the other blogs out there; otherwise what would be the point of reading it? And I like to think the perspective I bring is something refreshing and sometimes exciting. I mean, there's a lot of blogs out there. Dirty, when he does blog, is just a sarcastic goober, but that's who Dirty is. We all love him for it. Goon is all over the place, but let's face it, he definitely is on top of things.

For those who don't know what the feud was about, I'll quick explain. Brian and my finacee were friends at Boston University. I got the opportunity to meet him and the meeting didn't go well. Ever since then, I have been downright mean to him; commenting on his USCHO blog, slandering him on this blog, and telling my fiancee that I want nothing to do with him ever. The feud came to a head this weekend, when Brian wandered into the USCHO scoring thread and mocked the Sioux and justified his low ranking of the Sioux in his poll. Frustrated with the Sioux loss and the fact Brian slighted the Sioux, I came on here and demanded for him to be fired and slandered him on one occasion.

Brian has since apologized to me for how he treated me in Washington DC at the 2009 Frozen Four. He has explained his reasons why he did and I don't need to display them here. I'm in the process of constructing an apology to him as well for continuing our feud. Brian and I really have no reason to feud and we both realize that we are hurting the one person we have in common: my fiancee. Because he was willing to man up and apologize, I took the blog post down.

I'm not afraid to call someone out on here for their stupidity. As you see in this post, I'll even call out my own idiocy. But I don't want my blog to become a tool of hate. I want it to be something unique. Special. It is enjoyable to me to blog about the Sioux team. It's something I love to do. I don't want to turn into something I'm not. The internet makes it real easy to hide behind a screen and become the "internet tough guy". I'm not a tough guy in real life and don't want to be one on the internet either.

Thanks, readers.


Anonymous said...

You're an insecure loser.

Anonymous said...

Even this post didn't need to be written. Sounds like both of you need to grow up.