October 3, 2010

News and Notes

A couple things to note this morning.

Danny Kristo will be suspended for the exhibition game for a violation of team rules. The rumor has it that he was suspended for underage drinking. If that's all, I'm not too concerned, but at the same time, I mentioned things that would derail this team. Stupid mistakes off the ice will not help. Thankfully, this was something relatively minor, and shouldn't affect the team.

Also, Kane Lafranchise has been ruled academically ineligible at UAA and will sit out the first 1/2 of the season. This guy is a talented defenseman, one of the bright spots on a UAA team that will struggle mightily this season. Losing him will ensure even more struggle. Coach Shyiak put some spin on it by saying "The second half of the season, he really came on offensively. But with [Lafranchise out], it gives some other guys opportunity." Good luck with that, coach.

St. Cloud State beat Manitoba 7-4, with Drew LeBlanc scoring twice and Garrett Roe also netting one. Well known Goon Aaron Marvin provided two assists. Mike Lee was sharp in net, stopping everything he faced; Dan Dunn allowed 3 goals.

Michigan Tech held off Nippising 5-3. At one point, Tech had a 4-1 lead. Mercyhurst came back from a 4-1 deficit to tie Michigan 4-4. Not ever college team was immune to Canada though, as St. Francis Xavier tied University of New Hampshire 3-3, Ontario IT beat Ferris St. 3-2, and Western Ontario beat LSSU 5-4. UAA was able to beat Windsor 4-1, and DU crushed the US Under 18 team 8-1.

The Sioux take on Manitoba tonight. The Gophers take on British Columbia. BC will face Toronto, and Denver takes on Lethbridge. Hockey has started.


northdasotan said...

I like your take on things. The problem I have with your blog is that you are always a few days behind on just about everything. Goon and Brad post things a few days before you. Get in the game or get out.

Brandon said...

the problem is, that with my job, I am often unable to blog about things the minute they happen. Goon and Brad both blog about different things then I do. I try to provide insight from a hockey mind about why things are happening. I'll break down a lot of film and show certain things. Keep following, you'll see